Blog Comment Ingredients: How to Add Flavor to Your Post?

Pizza and ketchup

Pepperoni pizza

A blog post together with its comments can be seen as a pizza. Even better. If the post is the pizza, the comments are … the ketchup.

We all know that a good ketchup can add more flavor and enhance the taste of a pizza. A good ketchup depends on the ingredients used.

The problem is what blog comment ingredients we should use to give our pizza (post) a delicious taste?

In the last post I talked about blog comments role. The feedback I got was extraordinary and people gave me plenty ideas to think about.

If you want to understand more about the role of blog comments, check the following post, together with the debate in the comment section.

Blog Comments Role. Unlocking the secrets of a controversial topic

I this post I will continue with the following question: What is a good comment? What are the characteristics of a good comment that triggers replies from your readers?

I will start with my own thoughts and experience about this topic and I invite you to bring more ideas and answers to the table. Let’s start the debate. What is a good comment?

Blog comment ingredients. Let’s make a nice ketchup

A quality comment:

  • Has a purpose
  • Makes a point
  • Offers the context
  • Has a structure
  • It is honest
  • It is positive
  • Shows respect
  • It is proofread.

Purpose. The question is why?

Blog comment ingredients.

The first thought in your mind when you make a comment must be the question Why? Why on Earth am I making this comment right now? What is my goal?

Among all blog comment ingredients, this is the first we must put in the ketchup.

The goal determines the comment. No goal? You will write a stupid or boring comment. Let’s see some possible answers. I comment because I want to:

  • Help people
  • Build relationships
  • Drive traffic
  • Show my knowledge and expertise
  • Encourage people
  • Post a link and improve my rankings.

You have a point. Make it

Blog comment ingredients

Always avoid generic comments that fit into every niche. Never say: “What a great post! Thank you.” or “Great info. I learned so much. Thanks.”

This shows a lack of respect for the author. Maybe he (she) worked hard to write that posts and all you say is “Great post”.

It is like you are saying: “Yeah. Blah, blah. Stupid and boring article. I will try to post a link here”. It is offending and looks like spam.

Say something. Make your point and only then you can thank the author. What point? For example, you can:

  • Say why you liked the post
  • Say why you didn’t like the post
  • Say what you think is important in the post (the takeaway)
  • Agree or disagree with the main idea etc.

If you don’t have a point to make, don’t do it. Don’t make that comment. Participate only when you are sure you can add value to the conversation.

Context. What are you talking about?

Blog comment ingredients that make the post ketchup.

This is one of the blog comment ingredients that people usually forget. When there is an interesting debate and you have a rather long series of comments, it is easy to get lost.

Always provide a kind of context for people to understand what or who are referring to. For example, if there is a list in the post, say which item of the list you are talking about. Otherwise, you will make your point and people won’t have any idea what you want.


A good comment has a structure. The simplest structure includes:

  • An introductory formula
  • The body of the comment
  • A closing formula.

I can tell from my experience that many commentators do not follow this rule. Many times a comment starts abruptly with the body and ends after the commentator made his point.

I will give you a very simple example of a comment structure:

Hi John,


Have a wonderful weekend


When something is good you should say it. When something is not good you should say it, too. Politely, of course, but say it. Do not say the post is great, if you don’t think it is.


Blog comment ingredients

A good comment must be positive. Make your critique, but the focus must be on what is good in that post. Start positive, then make your critique, if necessary.

When you are done, continue in a positive manner and encourage the author by talking about what you think is valuable in the post.

Always end with an encouraging tone. Encouragement is probably the most important of all the blog comment ingredients.



Critique is important. How can I know something is wrong, if you don’t tell me? How can I correct a mistake, if the only comments I get are praises. However, critique must always be done in a polite manner and bad words, swear words must be avoided.

I can tell from experience that personal attacks do not help a blogger. On the contrary, a personal attack creates a shock and you will lose a reader and gain an enemy.


Another form of respect is to proofread your post. This way you will not only eliminate the mistakes and make the content easier to understand but also build credibility, trust and reputation.

One mistake here and there is OK but a post full of grammar or punctuation errors will kill your reputation on the long run.

Final remarks

Now, I think you have plenty of ideas to think about. It is your turn. What are the blog comment ingredients you use to make a good ketchup for your blog pizzas? Tell us your thoughts about this topic.

What do you think are the characteristics of a good comment? What makes a quality comment that triggers replies and generates debate?

 Post your comment below and don’t forget to share this post on your favorite social networks

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  1. Silviu,
    wow, after reading your excellent article.. I am somehow intimidated to place a comment here…wowowow you are really good in writing and making a point to explain all the angles as best as possible that even someone like me (a novice who is stubborn man lazy to learn deeper in terms of technology and most of what I do every day :-)

    Your analogy about pizza attracted my attention and as I read the rest.. I noticed that you do research a lot and know what to pick up and share with us all.

    When you listed the main ingredients for a “Quality Comment”, I was amazed of how much I do not know.. and I thank you fort pointing it out… I did not know about having a purpose to do it, since I only have been involved with the B3 group and for me the purpose was so I fulfil my duties as a group member… but once I read the rest of what you clearly wrote.. I found out that even so I was doing ok, I now know I can do better on focussing of the real purpose I leave the comment…

    From past experience, I always done a best as I know how.. and so far I felt good about it (I noticed the difference with other members comments, but I always say to my self, they have their own reason why the do that and move on) but I have to say that a few times I was a little taken back when reading such comments something as this “ho nick, I am running late, thanks for writing your post we connect again next time” but as a rule, I make always some good from even these type of comments.. I learn NOT to do the same to anyone and according to your article here, that was the best attitude to take…

    Thanks you so much for your professionalism.. hope I will not offend you by using my own style of primitive writing.

    nick catricala invites you to read… Let’s Take Control of Our Life and charge towards our dreams!My Profile

    • Hello Mr. Nick,

      Thank you for the comment. This is what I call a real comment, a comment that adds value to the discussion.

      Now, I am a little bit … direct so I will tell you what I like and what I don’t like about you and your blog.

      What I like

      I like very much the layout of your site. It is so simple and so beautiful. That combination of blue and green on a white background makes me a little bit envious. It is so clean, so easy to navigate and the message is so well presented.

      I like that positive and friendly feeling that radiates from your blog. A nice and warm person who accumulated so much experience and now he is giving it to the whole world. I can see that you have a lot to share and you spent a lot of time meditating upon your life and the lessons you learned. I think you HAVE a message to give to the world and this message is clear, coherent, positive and encouraging.

      I like that when you didn’t like something on my site, you bothered to tell me. This attitude always helps me understand my mistakes and gives me an opportunity to correct it.

      I also like that you based your wisdom on strong values. The Christian core is obvious. However, you are open to all kind of knowledge and beliefs (you talked about Karma, for example) and you tried to take what is best from all religions, beliefs and confessions and create your own vision.

      I like the article about taking control of our lives. There you created a link between the past and present and showed us that everything is a continuum and what we have today is built upon the work and lives of our forefathers. That article also showed us your artistic nature.

      What I don’t like
      Nothing. There is nothing on your site or your comments that I do not like. Please, remember I am very direct and honest and I always say what I think. I think you are a wonderful person and I am glad you bothered to come here and make a comment.

      Have a wonderful day

  2. My sharing in the from of an article is all about getting my insight out here to the readers. Some juicy information that I found to enhance my life in some way.

    I write as I speak and do not complete checking my grammar. I love to express myself as is, me. That makes each one of us unique. Hey, I figure if you can visualize my core message in a given article. I have done enough. Then a will return to interact with you.

    There is no one way to present a message, through or just a share to the world through you blog. Your blog is your voice and many will not understand it at first. Yet, due diligence will have the ones who did not feel the message the first time. Understand the fundamentals and ability to put your message into practice.

    I know that grammar may be on allot of people’s minds. Let that stuff go out the window. The point is to share you core passion in a way you can only do it. By your words as you speak.

    Someone walked me through this when I was a little boy. I have written massive reports and other writings. My passion is writing for everyone who is sick of reading the same dry junk about leads, spending more money no one has.

    The choice is always yours if you want to review your writing over and over again will make you feel this is not worth it. Yet, having fund with speaking and writing at the same time works.

    Silviu, you are a rising star, per say. I get a kick of enthusiasm each time I read one of your articles. Be strong in your view on things. We will keep on supporting this site because of just that! Very Well Done!
    William Earl Amis, Jr. III invites you to read… Focus On What Is To ComeMy Profile

    • Hello Mr. Amis,

      Thank you for the comment and for your kind and warm words. Coming from a person with such a huge experience this is a real and powerful compliment. Each time I come to your site and read an article I am “struck” by that feeling of a person who talks from experience, who walked the talk. So many years of business and so many things you have learned…. . I felt … I don’t know … a little bit like a kid.

      Your message is clear: write with passion, write the way you feel and connect. People will understand or feel your energy and passion and will come to you. From this perspective, I agree, grammar is not so important. For me grammar study is just a way to help me avoid those horrible mistakes that will make people laugh at me.

      I think I understand your words: “dry junk about leads”. The blogosphere is full of generic content (I think this is the word). This content, well presented in a nice package with magnetic titles and shocking pictures, looks very appealing and attracts attention. However, at the end of the day, generic content does not solve problems and people are left empty handed. I have constantly meditated upon this situation for quite a while.

      What should a blogger do? Write generic content and attract masses of readers or focus on people, on their needs and wants?
      The first path is the easiest and it can give instant gratification (what most bloggers want). The second path is more difficult and needs a lot more time, but it gives you real satisfaction (you helped people) and finally, you will have less readers but of a higher quality and more responsive. Your life made a difference.

      I think each blogger faces this challenge at some point on his path. He must make his choice and accept the consequences.

      Thank you again for this beautiful comment.

      Have a wonderful week
      Silviu Constantinescu invites you to read… Blog Commenting Results. Case Study 1My Profile

  3. Keeping it simple by reading an article that I find has some qualities which I feel would be in common with my passion. Always looking for the best in articles and people.

    You see, each one of us bloggers have a responsibility to be transparent in our writing. When you master the fundamentals and you will. The simple way of writing is talking out load as you write only about your experiences on topics which seem to be duplicated during that week in each blog you visit.

    Keeping it this simple has been my way of being one who shares his experiences in a wild and wonderful way. Keeping the reader wanting more on a given subject increases my following.

    Use your blogs as you voice not sales pitch landing page? That alone will make a difference. I did create a sheet long time ago on “Clean Blog” and you have inspired me to publish this as an article.

    You are on of our amazing new members and I look to learn from you soon.
    William Earl Amis, Jr. III invites you to read… Focus On What Is To ComeMy Profile

    • Hello Mr. Amis,

      Thank you for the comment. The idea of keeping all things simple is excellent. It is not easy to do because there are a lot of things that comes in your mind when you read and article and make a comment. There are also shiny objects. However, this is the goal and an indicator of the level we reached.

      Yes, a blog is a means of expressing ones personality. If you “pitch” every time … it is annoying. An ad here or there or a banner is a good thing but if you plaster your blog with ads, banners or affiliate links, the result will be contrary to what you expect.

      “Clean blog”! Great metaphor. We should strive to keep our blog clean especially when, in time, it will develop and become more and more complex. Simple, clean and transparent. Great principles for our blog strategy.

      Have a wonderful day

  4. A good comment should be just as thought provoking and insightful as the article. It does not have to be long, actually the shorter the better.

    Comments are meant to keep the conversation going. The author starts the conversation through the article.

    A good article makes a good point and ask provoking questions. Dropping links should not be the only reason to comment.

    I agree with your point that a generic comment can be a little patronizing.

    You are doing a good job by letting people know what kind of comments you would prefer.

    People say they want to network and build relationships, but their comment tell the truth.
    Michael Belk invites you to read… Metal detectors in schools are a form of window dressing.My Profile

    • Hi Michael,

      Thank you for the comment. How are you man? How are things going on with your online business? Thanks for your tips. I like them. By the way, this was the purpose of writing the article.

      What a great point you made: “People say they want to network and build relationships, but their comment tells the truth.”
      I will keep that in mind for my ebook about comments. Well done!

      Have a wonderful week

  5. Hey Silviu
    I told you that you were the comment king.
    You have really spent the time and analysed what it is that we should be doing and I really appreciate that.
    I often just go in like a bull at a gate with my comments and don’t take the time to think about what i am going to write.
    Hopefully many people can benefit from all the things that you have raised, and we can see better comments on our blogs as a result. (and yes, no negative ones that are not constructive. Those I hate too)

    have a great week
    Ashley invites you to read… Keyword Research Tips – Is anyone reading your blog posts?My Profile

    • Hi Ashley,

      Thank you for the comment. Comment king? Not yet, I’m afraid. But I’m working on this. :) :)

      “… go in like a bull in a gate”? I know that feeling. It happened to me many times. Especially in the beginning I was men, very mean.

      As time went by, I started to understand my mistakes. Now, I try to be more careful and think more before write. The worst part is when you get a negative comment and you feel the need to jump and fight. This is that dangerous moment when you write and do some bad things that you regret later. Control is important and must be improved at any costs.

      Well, I am working on my pride. Usually pride is the reason we react in a tough manner. If you control your pride, you will be able to control yourself. The one who is able to control himself (herself) will conquer the world.

      Have a wonderful day

  6. Hi Silviu

    For me, the most important thing in a blog comment is definitely why. Why are you commenting?

    Once you know that, you can structure your comment much more easily.

    It’s also important to add value to the conversation as well though.

    I get quite a few comments on my blog that start with “Great post” and don’t go much further than that. They don’t ever get approved.

    I think I’ve mentioned it before but I see the blog post as only one half of the equation and the blog comments make it whole.

    I enjoy getting comments that bring differing opinions, new ideas, which help others and start friendships.

    One thing you’ve mentioned that I think can lead to trouble is context.

    Written words can be taken out of context. If you were saying them to someone’s face and they could see your expressions and hand gestures it may mean something totally different to the written version.

    So, it’s very important to be careful how you use your words and as you quite rightly put, be positive and respectful.

    Your comments, I have to say Silviu, are some of the best I get on my blog for the very reasons you mention in this post.

    I’ll stop now because I could go on and on and I hope you have a lovely day!

    Tim Bonner invites you to read… I Love It When Updates Make My Life Easier!My Profile

    • Hi Tim,

      Thank you for the comment. Opinions, ideas and … friendships. You gave me a lot of ideas for my blog commenting ebook. Thanks. Context. Interesting. On a blog it is difficult to supplement the lack of body language and mimics. You can, of course, use punctuation or emoticons but it is not the same thing. There are videos that we can use but, unfortunately, many people avoid showing themselves and their face. Understandable but unfortunate.

      Have a wonderful week
      Silviu Constantinescu invites you to read… When A Wonderful Woman Tells Her Story: Graphic Designer Angela MccallMy Profile

  7. Hi Silviu,

    You seem to have so much creativity in you. :)

    I love pizza but ketchup on it? LOL. Um, never tried that before. I used to have a cousin back home…when we were little he could eat ketchup in his rice without anything at all. I don’t think I could do that. The only time I want to eat ketchup is…on my eggs or french fries.

    Anyway, when it comes to commenting, most of the time I just state what I feel and share my opinion. If I have knowledge in that area, I will share it either in a story or what I’ve learned from other people and my own experience.

    I don’t really think…what is the purpose of this OR does it have a structure. Yes, it is proofread bizillion times before I click “submit.” I also like to build relationships. Keep in touch. And adds value to the post. Sometimes I don’t have anything to contribute but my own opinion and how I feel about it for the time being.

    I never comment anything general like “what a wonderful post” or similar to that caliber coz I know these are the lines of spammers. They always say something “general” so they can use that same comment over and over again. I think people who just comment nothing but “great post” are really very boring people who doesn’t have any opinion to themselves or not bias about anything. I’m talking about if THAT is the ONLY comment. I mean, I do say “Great Post” too from time to time but along with my LONG comment. NOT just 2 words by itself.

    Silviu, first time I read your comment on Tim Bonner’s blog…I was truly intrigue. I was drawn to your blog. Curious to find out who this is person. Your comment was pretty unique. So great job my friend. :)

    Guess some comments can be CREATIVE. Like a funnel. Visualize of an ice-cream cone like a “funnel”. You say the general “wide” things first till you come to the narrower bottom point. Like a funnel. You can do that same style in writing an article. Well, you’re a teacher and I’m pretty sure you know what I’m talking about. *wink*

    I agree with all that you said here. Be positive and respectful. Although I don’t often critique someone as often, I only do it when I’m asked to critique an artwork, to me I feel very uncomfortable to critique someone. I might say “how I feel” about certain things. Kinda subjective rather than objective. Respect is important coz we don’t want to create an enemy online specially if you’re gonna hang around the blogosphere world for a long time.

    Often times, I fall short on proofreading. Specially when I’m making a comment on my iphone or tablet, it’s so hard to type there sometimes vs. my laptop where I can type 70 wpm. And when I spot a mistake, it’s too late to correct sometimes due to we cannot edit our comment on someone’s wordpress.

    Anyway, this is a very intriguing post. Made me think a lot…

    Until later,
    Angela McCall invites you to read… My Interview With SilviuMy Profile

    • Hi Angela,

      Thank you for the comment. People love comparisons, analogies and metaphors so I use one of these, from time to time, to spice up a post. Now, the purpose of the post is to stimulate the readers creativity. I want the readers of this post to share their opinions, to add more ideas etc. Then, I will study the comment section and extract the best info and use it for my ebook about blog commenting that will appear soon.

      Have a wonderful day

      • Ebook about blog commenting…Wow…I cannot wait to get my hands on it. You have done an excellent case study. To me it takes patience, which is the greatest quality of a teacher.

        Me too I am writing a book. Not about commenting but about how to create a blog. I’ve been stumbled upon many of these folks…asking me even to start a 7-days challenge on “Creating a WordPress Blog.” I should actually make a post about this just to collect ideas and input from my professional blogger friends. What do you think?

        Angela McCall invites you to read… Don’t Reinvent The WheelMy Profile

        • Hi Angela,

          Thank you for the comment. You want to write an ebook about how to start a blog … ? Excellent. A 7 day challenge? It would be great but it takes time. You must dedicate significant time for this challenge (probably on Facebook). Do you have that time? If yes, do it. If no, writing a post about this topic is a better idea.

          Actually, this is what I am doing now and it works well. I have already got plenty of ideas for at least two chapters. I definitely recommend you to do this. Write that post about “How to create a blog”, ask for people’s opinions and collect their ideas. I think it will help you very much.

          Have a wonderful day

  8. Jeevan Jacob John
    Reply to Jeevan

    Great points, Silviu :)

    Loved how you compared comments to ketchup :D

    I comment because I want to build relationships online, and of course, get more traffic to my own blog :D

    For a long time, I relied solely on guest blogging and social media for all my traffic. It worked great, but in the end, I got more satisfaction (and made a lot more friends) once I invested more time and effort into commenting.

    For structure, I think it comes down to experimentation. Comments should be like a continuation to the article, that’s why I don’t always follow the structure – I jump right in, every now and then(of course, I only do that after I have formed a good relationship with the blog owner. With new folks, it is always better to follow the structure, address them and form a good relationship with them).

    To me what matters most is that the comments comes out of our heart (Well, brain of course). But, we have to put our honest effort into commenting, or else, there is no use with doing it (people will eventually see through it, and that can hurt us).

    Anyways, thank you for the interesting post, Silviu :) Appreciate it!

    • Hi Jacob,

      Thank you for the comment. Guest blogging… . I still don’t do it. I honestly think you must master a domain before guest posting. Now, after wandering here and there in the online marketing world I have reached the point where I need to specialize. I must find and decide for a domain and start learning and mastering it. Then, in just two-three months, I will be able to write powerful guest posts that will really bring targeted traffic. Targeted traffic is what I really want not any kind of traffic.

      Now, I am curious. What domains do you think are really important for a small business owner and internet marketing wannabe. Please don’t say social media. Everybody knows it. I don’t want to do what everybody else does. There is no need to give me the absolute truth. I just want to brainstorm some ideas.

      What do you think about branding, for example. Is it important for a small business owner? Can we do without? What about leadership development or business development? I would love to hear your thoughts. However, I want to avoid those domains that need special skills like coding or, artistic skills (like web design).

      Thank you for the ideas about blog commenting. I know many people comment as they feel but a minimal structure is necessary, if you want to stand out from the crowd. Content is first but we must pay attention to all details including the form of our comments.

      Have a wonderful day
      Silviu Constantinescu invites you to read… The Joy of Another Milestone Reached: My First 100 PostsMy Profile

      • Jeevan Jacob John
        Reply to Jeevan

        Of course, I do understand your approach and it is great, but it never hurts to experiment and see how it works ;)

        I would say our own domain :D Social media, commenting, guest posting are all great. But, ultimately it comes down to our own blogs. We need provide quality content in a different way (I say different way, because lot more blogs have quality content these days. It is hard to compete, so the best method is to be different, take a different approach). And we need to build a community within our own blog.

        Branding of course is important, doesn’t matter how small or big we are. As for leadership, I suppose building a community within our blog itself develops our leadership skills – beyond that, it’s about working with others. Have a great idea? Collaborate :D

        No mention :) Thank you for the reply!

        Hope you have a great weekend!

        • Hi Jacob,

          Thank you for the comment. Yes, it is about our blogs. However, a blog must revolve around a niche. This is the problem. A general blog has always a hard time on the net. You can monetize it with ads or Adsense and use paid traffic, but you will get little engagement and probably no following. So having a niche to position yourself in seems paramount.
          Now, I am just brainstorming ideas. Time will tell me what to choose.

          Have a wonderful day

  9. Hi Silviu,

    Love the analogy of pizza! Yes, comments do have many ingredients to it. What we like and if we find something that can be added to or disagreed about in the comment section, that is great as long a it is written in a respectful manner!

    Comments need to be an addition to the post. Something that gives it flavor like Ketchup.

    Also, for me the most important thing about commenting on a blog is to do it as best you can! Always keep in mind that there are so many people that do read the comment section as well as the post itself.

    I can tell you Silviu that I received lots of readership to my blog because someone read a comment I had given. They would even go to the length of emailing of Facebook messaging me that they found me on a blog and found my comment interesting. Then proceed to go to my blog.

    Comments are a strong part of blogging. By the way, I won’t use Ketchup here but rather pesto sauce he he he!

    Well done!

    Donna Merrill invites you to read… Using An Avatar When BloggingMy Profile

    • Hi Donna,

      Thank you for the comment. I haven’t tried pesto sauce, yet. :)

      I think the comment section will be read only if the post is of a good quality and if the author is … of a good quality. When you know your comment will get a reply and somebody will spend time and effort to see who you are and what you want to say, you will make a comment.

      This is a good point and I will use it in my ebook about blog commenting. Thank you.

      Have a wonderful day

  10. Hi Silviu,

    This post is full of great advice on how to leave meaningful, value-laden comments that will enhance a post and help to build relationships with other bloggers. Sadly, I fear the “great post” offenders will not be listening. I think one of the main reasons for the differences in the quality of comments people leave isn’t so much lack of knowledge as lack of motivation.

    The best comments are great mainly because the authors are writing from the heart and really want to make a contribution in response to a post.

    The only point I’d take issue with, like Jeevan, is your suggestion that comments should have a “structure” – I’m not sure I agree with this, because I think it could damage the natural flow of a comment stream, which is really a kind of conversation – and we don’t structure our responses when we’re having a chat with someone, do we? That’s just my view, anyway.

    Thanks very much, Silviu, for another excellent post – I can see it’s already generating lots of high quality comments. No-one would dare leave a one-liner in response to this!! :D
    Susan Neal invites you to read… How Keeping a Journal Transformed My LifeMy Profile

    • Hi Sue,

      Thank you for the comment. True: the “great post” offenders won’t listen. Too bad for them. I won’t approve any of their comments.

      Lack of motivation? Interesting. Motivation must be intrinsic first (meaning from inside) and not extrinsic (from outside). Yes, when I comment, I want to post a link, of course. However, if the comment does not resonate with me or is too boring, I prefer to change the blog. I am not so desperate about links.

      The structure of the comments
      Oh, it is not so important. I referred to the minimum rules of politeness. When you address to a person you should use an introductory formula (Hi, Hello, Hey etc.). When you end a conversation you should use a kind of closing formula to make the person understand you want to go. I think the same is true for comments. This was the whole point and nothing more.

      Have a wonderful day

  11. Hi Silviu,

    I’m not sure that the comments must always be positive and supportive. I come from a magazine background and healthy dissent was good for the publication. I know that some prominent bloggers like John Chow, Darren Rouse and Jeremy Shoemaker have claimed to delete any comment that does not brag on and fundamentally agree with the author.

    I have written posts that triggered a flood of disagreement in the comments. I do agree with you, however, that any negative comments must be delivered respectfully.

    - Cole
    Cole Wiebe invites you to read… Writing Sales Copy That Converts :: Part 3 of 4My Profile

    • Hi Cole,

      Thank you for the comment. A comment must not always be positive. Critique is sometimes better than anything else because it helps the author understand some possible mistakes. Those people (Darren Rowse etc.) have a strange point of view. I do not agree. However, when the negative comments outnumber the positive ones there is a problem and you must be careful, indeed.

      Have w onderfu day
      Silviu Constantinescu invites you to read… Blog Commenting Results. Case Study 1My Profile

  12. Hi Silviu,

    My first thought was ketchup on pizza! Yuck! Those two things just don’t seem to go together for me but maybe Parmesan cheese on top, now that’s something I can wrap my head around. LOL!!!

    Ah, the comments… Harleena wrote an excellent guest post over at my blog a few months ago about how to become a blog commenting superstar and she really laid out the thought process that she puts into her comments. Even I don’t go that far but that’s why she’s the commenting queen in my opinion.

    For me I like to share my thoughts on the topic at hand and of course any experiences I’ve had in that area because if you’ve done well then that’s proof that it works. Blog commenting has definitely worked to my advantage because there are never any short comments from me either.

    I’ve had a lot of spam comments lately asking me what I’m doing to get my blog to load fast which of course has absolutely nothing to do with the topic and I can’t even imagine that the people who take the time to comment think that they’ll be accepted.

    If you have any questions at all about anything that was addressed here I think the person should definitely ask away in order to keep the conversation going too.

    Those are just my two cents worth at least. Great topic and interesting comparison! LOL!!! Blog commenting rocks and if you do it well you can really grab a lot of people’s attention.

    Thanks Silviu and enjoy your week.

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    • Hi Adrienne,

      Thank you for the comment. Nice of you to come and share your thoughts. I know Harleena’s article. It is very good. I even wrote her and asked a question … . However, I want to write a book about blog comments and I need to gather my own material. So I write posts like this, from time to time and collect the answers. I will use the best of them in my ebook.
      I think this is the best way: you do your research, read the best articles you can find on the topic but also gather your own data. Then, when you start to write, you have your own data and there is a chance to create something fresh.

      Thank you again for the visit.

      Have a wonderful day
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