Blog Comments Role. Unlocking the Secrets of A Controversial Topic

The debate

Blog comments role. Meeting and debateBlog commenting is a wonderful way to engage people and drive traffic. I would like to study this topic a little bit more in order to understand and explain it better to you.

The result of this effort will be an ebook that I will offer for free to all those interested in blog comments.

I cannot do that without your participation. Please, help me unlock the secrets of blog commenting by sharing your thoughts and experience.

In this post I want to start a debate about blog comments role in the economy of your blog and your business.

This is a controversial topic and the opinions range from blog commenting as the most important thing in the online universe to the idea of closing those comments forever, together with the respective blogs.

I will start by sharing with you what I believe and then ask for your help. Let’s begin with what I think are the most important roles of the comments you make on your blog or on other people’s blogs. What is the role of a blog comment?

Different types of blog comments roles


The comment section is a place for debates, for hearing other people’s opinions. From the clash between different points of view, ideas, facts and data provided by each commentator, you can extract the truth or the best approximation of the truth. I am a big fan of this role.


Blog comments role is to encourage people. Here, in the comment section, you must be nice, positive and encouraging. Well, this is a very important point and I would love to hear your thoughts. There is an important principle at work here:

“The comment section is not a place for debates. It is a place where you are always nice, positive and encouraging. If you cannot say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

I like this principle but not entirely. What if you do something wrong on your blog? If nobody tells you and all you get is encouraging messages, you will never know your mistake.

A reason to be happy

A reason to be happyBlog comments role is to make you happy and give you a reason to keep going. I love blog comments. They offered me so much joy… .

People who come here and make comments (you) are the power who inspires me, motivates me and makes my day. You give me a reason to keep going and a reason to be happy.

Check the following post to see how blog comments can make somebody happy during these hard times:

How blog comments made me happy and gave me a reason to celebrate


smiley idea Comment section is a place for learning. Here you can find out a lot of new things (data, facts etc.), you can evaluate different points of view, study different perspectives on the same subject matter.

Blog comments role is to help you learn about new strategies, techniques, concepts and also important things from people’s experience.


View of EarthComment section is a place for promoting our blog. You can attract people’s attention by a thoughtful comment, you can attach a link to your comment and make people come to your blog, you can stand out from the crowd with a nice, substantial or very well formatted comment etc. The sky is the limit.


Helping people

Tools to help peopleBlog comments are a powerful mean to help people by offering solutions to their problems. People are talkative. People in need talk about their problems.

It happened many times: somebody talks about a problem he cannot solve, no matter how hard he tries. Then somebody else comes, reads the comment and offers the solution.

Driving traffic

Blog comemnts role is to drive trafficComment section is a place where you can drive traffic to your blog. The content you are posting in that comment, the link you attach to that comment, the method you provide to solve that problem, the references you can make these are all means of driving traffic to your blog.


Joint ventures

Joint VenturesBlog comments role is to attract attention to an influential blogger or influencer.

Your personality, your expertise, your style can make you new friends, new partners and even attract the one that will become your mentor. Your whole destiny can be changed by a simple comment.

Authority and expertise

Albert Einstein Blog comments role is to help you establish yourself as an expert on a topic. If you really know the subject matter, well this is a place to prove yourself, stand out from the crowd and become an influencer yourself.

In time you can be seen as an authority in a particular field and people will start to come to you like bees to honey.

Final remarks

question markWell, these are just a few roles blog comments can play in the economy of a blog and a business. Now, the imagination of one individual is limited. The power of the blogosphere is needed to shed some light on this topic.

It is your turn now. Come and share your opinions about blog comments role. More information, more data, facts, ideas are needed. Different points of view, different perspectives can help us understand better this controversial domain. Let the debate begin.

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  1. Hi Silviu,

    A very interesting summary of the benefits of blog commenting – I think you’ve summed things up very well.

    I think it’s a shame there aren’t more actual debates in comment streams, and I suspect there are a number of reasons for this – time is probably the main one. For example, if I visit a post that’s already got about 80 comments, I just don’t have time to read them all – this means I may be missing the opportunity to respond to another reader, but it’s just too time-consuming to read all those comments.

    I also think people are, as you suggest, maybe reluctant to be critical or controversial when they leave a comment – it’s no doubt out of the kindness of our hearts, because we like to be supportive. But I think we’d all get more out of it if people could sometimes be a little more “argumentative” (in a nice way, of course!)

    For myself, I find the main benefit of blog commenting is building relationships with other bloggers – it’s a great way of getting to know people.

    Thanks for a great post, and good luck with your ebook,

    Susan Neal invites you to read… A Blog Commenting Problem – Can You Help?My Profile

    • Hi Sue,

      Thank you for the comment. Yes, time may be an issue. However, I think of all those people who don’t have time to read 80 comments (the posts with 80 comments are not so common) but have all the time in the world to go to social media and read and comment for hours. With little results, I’m afraid. Also, when something happens, all their work is gone. All their social proof (so many people people worship social proof) is gone. No way to recover it.

      Well, I think you emphasized one of the best benefits or commenting: building relationships. Again we face social media competition here. I think these are two types, two different methods to build relationships. Blog comments is less quantity but more quality. Important advantage. They should both be used.

      My luck with the ebook (my first online ebook) depends on the readers, too. If they provide answers, I will be able to understand what people want and need when it comes to blog comments. This will allow me to create an ebook about blog commenting that will be better rooted in the reality and not just from my knowledge and imagination.

      Don’t worry you will get your reply from me. The Reply Me function does just that.

      Have a wonderful day

      • Lovely to receive your thoughtful reply, Silviu – I hope you do get plenty of input from readers to go towards your book – but you can also draw on the many other blog posts and related comments on this issue. For example, there were tons of responses to Harleena’s post on Adrienne’s blog about this same issue, and there may be some relevant info there that could inform your book.
        Susan Neal invites you to read… A Blog Commenting Problem – Can You Help?My Profile

        • Hi Sue,

          Thank you for the comment. I get more and more input from my readers, although the article was written yesterday. I read that article: “How to become a blog commenting superstar”. It is interesting and has a lot of value. I bookmarked it and will return later for further study. So, I am aware that it is not enough to analyze the comments here on my blog. I need research and I will do it.

          By the way, there is something very interesting in that article that I feel needs some research and explanations. One of my readers, Cole Wiebe told me, in a comment, that he experienced problems with the AntiBacklink plugin that comes with CommentLuv Premium.

          There is an option there: “ONLY people that use a root domain get links?” This option triggered a negative reaction because his blog is not in the root domain. Probably there are many other blogs in the same situation.

          On the other hand, when Harleena Singh talks about blog commenting etiquette, she says: “Use ONLY the root domain of your blog in the URL field.” This seems to be a part of best practices when it comes to blog commenting.

          I don’t know why Harleena recommends this but I am determined to find out. I would like to know your thoughts about this.

          Have a wonderful day

          • Hi Silviu – at the moment I’m not using the anti-backlink plugin – I just didn’t want the added complications of all the settings involved. I’m reasonably happy with the way I’m managing my comments at the moment without it.

            I’m aware of the root domain issue and I tend to delete links if I see they’re pointing to any other kind of url.
            Susan Neal invites you to read… A Blog Commenting Problem – Can You Help?My Profile

          • Hi Sue,

            Thank you for the comment. My question for you was: what is this root domain issue and why are some people so upset about it?

            Have a wonderful weekend

          • Sorry, Silviu, for not giving you the answer you were looking for. As I understand it, if you leave a link other than a root domain, it looks spammy, because that field is intended for a link to your website; you’re not supposed to use it to promote an individual post. People who don’t use their root domain for their blog obviously have a problem, because it’s going to look as if they’re giving a link to a post.
            Susan Neal invites you to read… A Blog Commenting Problem – Can You Help?My Profile

          • Hi Sue,

            Thank you for the comment. It helps me advance one step further in understanding the problem. So, you say that field was especially created in WordPress for the home page of your site or blog. And there are people who use that field to post a link to a specific post. Also, it seems this practice is considered spam.

            This means the option in the AntiBacklink plugin was designed to protect your blog from posting a specific link in that field. This makes sense. Now, I think I understand.

            Now, there are legitimate blogs that are not installed in the root domain but in something like … / blog. That option in the plugin blocks them even when they do not post a link to a specific post. OK. Now, I understand even more.

            I think everything comes to the so-called best practices. Some people don’t know about that and get very annoyed when their comments are sent into the moderation queue. for those people the only thing that can be done is to whitelist them somehow. Maybe this will change in the future. Time will tell.

            Have a wonderful week

  2. Fantastic post Silviu!

    Many of the same reasons I’ve been doing more commenting lately. I have not been doing it too long, so I don’t have any data to share yet.

    I like the fact that you can network and get to know other people. Makes it more enjoyable for me.

    The traffic and links don’t hurt either :) I do have to say, it’s been a good way to get more visitors to my site.
    Ron Killian invites you to read… 3 Quick and Easy Pinterest Traffic HacksMy Profile

    • Hi Ron,

      Thank you for the comment. Well, I have commented on other people’s blogs for more than half a year now. I wrote two case studies: “Blog commenting results. Case study 1″ and “Blog commenting results. Case study 2″. You can find them on my blog (page 7 and page 6). There I tried to show that it is not only possible to comment on other people’s blogs but you can do it with wonderful results. Especially when you use such a wonderful blog commenting software like CommentLuv. I documented my results with the free version. The premium version is even better.

      Have a wonderful day

  3. Hi Silviu,

    Blog commenting on other people’s blogs I believe has to be honest and ethical. If we disagreed on the post or part of it, yes, we can have our say in an appropriate way. Using fowl language, putting down the person, or telling them they are all wrong is not a good way to communicate. Rather, one can say something like I appreciate your point of view, however, I think ……

    That can enlighten the blogger, or maybe even start a conversation going on in the comment section.

    I like to give comments that are cohesive to the post and if the author’s call to action is to share a similar experience I will. But, I won’t pitch!

    I don’t think those fluffy comments that praise the author does any good at all. Sure, I will thank them for the information rendered, but not praise.

    The comment section is a place of learning to me.

    As for comments on my blog: I welcome a different point of view as long as it is a respectful one. If someone disagreed, fine…just tell me why and I will answer.

    There are many comments that don’t get approved in my back office because they are promoting themselves..even have the nerve to give their links! To me it is spam or trying to ride my coat tails with back links. So they won’t show up.

    However, if it is a good comment, I will edit it in my back office by removing commentluv and also removing a link to their blog. Then approve it.

    Well that’s my two cents Silviu, hope it helps!

    Donna Merrill invites you to read… Get Rich Quick Is A LieMy Profile

    • Hi Donna,

      Thank you for the comment. It is a wonderful one. It adds a lot of value to the conversation (exactly what I need). Actually, I think what you said is so important that I will use some of the ideas in my new ebook about blog commenting and comments. Thank you very much.

      Have a wonderful weekend

  4. I think you have covered the topic extremely thoroughly. I was going to add building relationships and making friends but you have that covered.

    There are bloggers and their commenters who are purely in it to make friends or keep in touch with those they already know. They are not interested in their visitor counts or global popularity and are happy talking to their close set of friends who may not blog themselves.

    In general a blog will have a mixture of types of comments from those who have different reasons for commenting. Most blogs that I read tend to have positive, encouraging, comments whatever the main motivation for the comment is.
    Sue Bride invites you to read… Google Helpouts Help Out MarketersMy Profile

    • Hi Sue,

      Thank you for the comment. Well, you are nice, positive and encouraging. I don’t think I covered the topic so thoroughly. Actually, it is not a good idea to cover a topic completely. It is better to touch some important points and let the topic open for new conversation. A post that is too .. complete will be closed to conversation. People won’t feel the need to add anything.

      Thank you for taking the time to come here and make a comment. Your effort is appreciated. I will come to your blog today to find what you have got for us in your informational treasure chest.

      Have a sublime weekend

      • I appreciate your point about letting a topic open for new conversation and can see it in action in the comments here. I have not tried this technique, not consciously anyway. I tend to research a subject inside out and try to add as much as possible. I am sure that I do miss things but maybe not enough to elicit good discussion.
        Sue Bride invites you to read… Google Helpouts Help Out MarketersMy Profile

        • Hi Sue,

          Thank you for the comment. Yes, I understand. Well, I think it is better not to tell everything about a problem, idea, concept. You need to do a lot of research, explore many points of view, check different perspectives etc. The result will be a super long post that nobody will read.

          If you want to make a comprehensive presentation about a concept, strategy or technique, the best place is an ebook or a course.

          Otherwise, it is better to break that problem, strategy, technique into smaller parts and write two or more posts about it.

          Also, you will offer a chance to your readers to add more value to the discussion and this means more engagement and more traffic. This is my point of view.

          Have a wonderful day

  5. Hi Sylviu,

    This is a very thoughtful post. You already have captured all different possible types of comments and conversations around them. I can’t think of any other commenting role.

    However, if I must add something, commenting is an opportunity to build relationships. By sharing thoughtful comments, we also build a good reputation with the blogger and his/her readers community as well.

    Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful weekend!

    Kumar Gauraw invites you to read… 5 Ways To Inspire Your Team Members And Keep It That WayMy Profile

    • Hi Kumar,

      Thank you for the comment. WOW! I was afraid I covered the topic completely. This would mean that the post is closed for discussion. You have just proved it is not true by adding a new idea: blog comments help you create a community around your blog. Wonderful idea! Thanks. I will explore this idea further in my research and it will be a part of my new ebook dedicated to blog commenting. Thanks to you.

      Have a wonderful weekend

  6. Silviu,

    Commenting is a powerful way to connect with others and build your reputation online.

    I became one of the top 20 showcased authors at out of 400,000 authors by writing lots of articles at the articles site – and – by commenting on the EzineArticles regular blogs.

    And on my own blog I have learned so much as I write about creating loving relationships. People share from their heart whatever is going on in their consciousness about relationships. It is an eye opener for me and it reminds me that I do have a purpose to help others in their area of their lives.


    Dr. Erica
    Dr. Erica Goodstone invites you to read… The fragility of love
    and the complex path to loving well
    My Profile

    • Hi Dr. Erica,

      Thank you for the comment. This is what I call a great comment that adds a lot of value to the conversation. You have just offered me a new idea: blog commenting as a way to become known and famous. This is exactly what you did and got excellent results. This is such a good idea and I need to explore it further. In my new book I will talk about your success as being a wonderful illustration of the idea. Of course, I will do that only with your permission.

      Another wonderful idea: blog commenting as an eye opener, a mean to expand your “horizon” and enlarge your consciousness. Great ideas Dr. Erica. I am very happy you came here and shared with us something from your experience. Thank you very much.

      Have a wonderful weekend full of love

  7. Hi Silviu,

    Often the post really comes to life in the comments below. Commenting is what creates a community in which bloggers can engage.

    Unfortunately, I see you installed the horrid new Anti Backlinker plugin. I gave it a try and got rid of it after the comments I welcomed also quit coming over the next few days. It negates the very things that made CommentLuv so great.

    “Not using Root Domain
    Sorry but until you have been whitelisted or pass the above criteria, you wont get any backlinks shown on your comment.”

    As with many blogs, my blog is not in the “root” domain but is a secondary section “/blog” trailing the domain name.

    - Cole
    Cole Wiebe invites you to read… Writing Sales Copy That Converts :: Part 1 of 2My Profile

    • Hi Cole,

      Thank you for the comment. I am sorry to hear what happened to you. Well, let me put it this way: I was getting 50 spam messages or more per day. Every day. Each day. After I installed this “horrible” and wonderful plugin (AntiBacklink) I got rid of all the spam. ALL. Thanks to a powerful combination of: CommentLuv, GASP, AntiBacklink, IP Deny Manager, Botnet Attack Blocker and a restrictive comment policy. This is what I call real help when you need it.

      “ONLY people that use a root domain get links?” Well, you can see that your comment was approved and it shows here with the link intact and dofollow. This means I am not using that option. It is not CommentLuv’s fault, or Andy Bailey’s fault. It is people who decide to use this option or not. I am convinced it was offered there for a very good reason.

      Now, if you build quality relationships and people like and trust you, they will never force you to use a root domain when you comment. I think you are a serious marketer, with deep knowledge and years of experience in the field. So it will be very beneficial for a new blogger like me to learn from you. I like you site and tried to make some comments there. I don’t remember exactly what happened by I think I tried two times and one of the comments was rejected.

      Well, it doesn’t matter so much. I am patient. I will come again, read and make another comment. I am interested to build a good relationship with you and I will make sure that you won’t have any troubles here on my blog. Ever.

      Thank you very much for taking the time and effort to come here and make a comment

      Have a wonderful weekend

      • Hi Silviu,

        That’s weird. I still get the box briefly that tells me that I have not met the criteria and will therefore have my links removed, but when the comment goes live, whitelisting appears to override the initial evaluation by Anti Backlinker.

        I understand that Andy of CommentLuv is tweaking Anti Backlinker, so the initial settings will work with people like me, and our clients, where the blog is not in the root domain.

        - Cole
        Cole Wiebe invites you to read… Has CommentLuv Lost the Luv?My Profile

        • Hi Cole,

          Thank you for the comment. I don’t think this happens on my blog. Yes, it was about time. It seems that Mr.Bailey is now aware of the consequences of this option and is now working on a solution. I do hope you won’t have any problems in the future.
          Well, there is no problem without solution. All that matters is to have a little bit of patience.

          Have a wonderful day

    • Interesting Cole
      I wondered where the green box with all that blah blah was coming from on some sites.
      I have not installed this extra plugin as I don’t get enough spam to warrant the effort.
      And now I see what trouble it can bring. I don’t think I will
      Have you told Andy his new plugin is not working so well?
      Ashley / Madlemmings invites you to read… UnMarketing by Scott Stratten: Marketing Book ReviewMy Profile

      • Hi Ashley,

        Thank you for the comment. You don’t get enough spam to warrant the effort? Don’t worry. You will. :) You will become known, you will become famous and you will be spammed. You will be spammed hard. Not just 50 spams a day like I got, but hundreds of spams a day. Then you will become very interested in anti-spam methods and techniques.

        Now, it seems there is a problem to discuss here regarding the root domain. This setting in Antibacklink is optional. It depends on each blog owner to use it or not. I don’t use it. However, I wonder, what was the reason to create such an option in the first place? I will do a research on this and I will ask Andy Bailey why did he make that option available.
        Until then I what to tell you that there is this concept of blog commenting etiquette and one of the things that are recommended is to: “Use ONLY the root domain of your blog in the URL field.”

        Harleena Singh wrote a very interesting post on Adrienne Smith’s blog where she talks about how to comment correctly and successfully. The post is called “How to become a blog commenting superstar.”

        I don’t know why Harleena recommends that root domain thing. This is still not clear. However, I will study the problem and find out the truth. You can contact her and ask this question directly. I’ll do the same. I think it is important to understand the problem and what can be done.

        Have a wonderful day

  8. Hey Sliviu
    Great idea for an ebook from a guy who comments like a king!
    It is funny that you are asking what we think, when I have not seen many people comment as much as you (except for perhaps Adrienne).
    You know the benefits and ideas that come from commenting.
    I don’t do enough of it, but there are only so many hours in the week
    all the best with the book
    Ashley / Madlemmings invites you to read… UnMarketing by Scott Stratten: Marketing Book ReviewMy Profile

    • Hi Ashley,

      Thank you for the comment. Well, I don’t know so many things about blog commenting. Also I am not such a powerful commentator. There are many commentators that are better than me. I will catch up with them in time but, until then, I acknowledge that I am not the best and I need to learn a lot and do a lot until I will become.

      The first example of a super commentator that comes to my mind is Sue Neal, from Writeclever. This person works very hard to create valuable content on her blog, then works two times harder to promote her content by commenting on other people’s blogs.
      As a result she gets at least 3 times more comments than I get. So when it comes to blog commenting art, you can learn more from her than from me.

      Another great example of very good commentator is Harleena Singh. And, of course, there is Adrienne Smith who is the best of all.

      So, you see, I need to study, ask questions and meditate until that happy moment when I will be able to write a quality book on blog commenting.

      Have a wonderful day

  9. I’d have to agree with previous comments about how well you’ve covered this subject Silviu.

    I do however take issue with your response to Susan’s point about not taking the time to comment when there is already a long list of comments. Your reply “I think of all those people who don’t have time to read 80 comments (the posts with 80 comments are not so common) but have all the time in the world to go to social media and read and comment for hours.” is offensive because you’ve made a blanket statement lumping every one who chooses not to read and comment on such a post under one label and judging them based on your own personal biases.

    Let’s take the example of Problogger – a popular blog that often has a long stream of comments. I am a long-time fan of the blog because I’m a blogger, but this is not my niche and it would be irresponsible of me to invest the time to read every comment in these threads just to throw my two cents into the mix. In reality there are many reasons people choose whether or not to comment on a blog, and not everyone active in social media is mindlessly wasting their time.
    marquita herald invites you to read… Introducing The Resilient WriterMy Profile

    • Hello Mrs Herald,

      Critique and democracy

      Thank you for the comment. On the one hand, it is impossible to write something on the internet without offending somebody. People will always criticize you no matter what you do. This is democracy and the freedom of expression. I like that.

      On the other hand, as far as I can see, people are more afraid to criticize online these days. They are afraid what they write (on blogs, etc.) will someday return to haunt them and they will be attacked, they will be sued etc. So they adopted that principle: “Always be nice. If you cannot say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”I don’t like that.

      I want to say this to you: Congratulations for the courage to criticize me. You have the spirit of a real fighter.

      Now, Your critique needs an answer. I will try to give you the best I can.

      Social media horror

      I read many terrible articles where people told their story and shared their bitter experience they had with social media. Let’s see.

      One person works hard for years to create a successful business on a big social media network. Finally, after a lot of hard work, success arrives and the person is happy.

      One morning he (she) wakes up only to find that his (her) social media account was closed. He tries to contact the staff for weeks but in vain. No answer. Never comes.
      He loses all, he is in debt, the mortgage must be paid and the children shout: “Father, I want this, I need that. Give me.”

      He invested everything in that social media business and now he is broke. Nothing can be done and he must start everything from scratch.

      Why did that happen? We can only speculate. My guess is the following. One day a CEO from that social media network’s staff catches a cold or has a powerful quarrel with his mother in law. So he arrives at his office full of anger and revenge wishes.

      He studies a list of customers, their accounts, look at the profiles etc. At some point he sees a face he doesn’t like. He transfers all his anger on that person. He instantly decided that person is a bad person and he must do something. He searches that account thoroughly and if he sees the tiniest mistake, he takes action. A few clicks and that account is banned. Forever.

      Do you want to be the next story?

      A change in the mindset

      If you don’t want to be the next victim, you must understand you need a headquarters for your business. A base that you can call your own. You need and online entity that belongs to you and you have real control on it. This is impossible on social media but is possible with a site or a blog.

      Blogs are the closest thing, online, to a free enterprise. The closest thing you can get. A blog is an entity that you can call your own and you have real control on it. With a blog you can say:

      - This is MY blog
      - This is My content
      - These are MY posts
      - These are MY comments etc.

      When you are successful, you can invest money in a self hosted blog or even better, in your own server . This means 100% control. Nobody can take that away from you. You are your own boss. You are free.

      Now, if you are an American you must understand the value of FREEDOM. Even if you are not American, you should understand the importance of freedom.

      What I want?

      I want:
      - my own blog
      - my own comments
      - my own plugins
      - my own server
      - my own blogging platform
      - my own search engine etc.
      - to be FREE.

      This is impossible with social media.

      The future is almost here

      Technology advances fast. Now, these things are not theoretically anymore. You can have your own server. A personal blogging platform (your own WordPress) is not as SF as it was. The same with your personal search engine. All these are possible and will be more and more available in the future.

      Now, if this is possible, why should I invest all in social media? There is a saying: “Do not put all your eggs in one basket.” Yes, don’t do it. Not even in the social media basket.

      The real value of social media

      Social media is a great tool for … socializing. Millions of people use it to talk. Billions of hours of talking, chatting, exchanging pictures of cats and dogs, talks about the new baby born, Chinese goats and so on. This is a good thing. There was a strong need for this and social media filled that gap and fulfilled that need. Congratulations!

      Social media is a good tool for business. You can make money with social media. I agree. However, I am not a kid anymore and I have some experience with the biggest social media networks.

      The truth is that only a minority can understand and exploit the full power of social media and make millions. For the rest (99.99%) it is a huge struggle. Everybody is there and try to make money. Everybody!! The competition is insane. The flux of messages is impossible to comprehend. It is an ocean of information and competition.
      The real chances to become rich and free with social media are microscopical (0.000000001%).

      So why all this fuss about social media?

      An Eternal hope

      It is a mindset here that I am attacking. This mindset says: “Everything that is new is better than what is old. Why? Only because it is new.” It is a fundamental bias of mankind. Whenever something new appears people jump and say: This new thing is not only better than what is old. It is our salvation.

      So they put all their trust in that new thing. They transform the new thing in an IDOL. They make the new thing a god.

      “What is new is GOD. What is old is DEVIL.” Whenever something new appears, we must throw what is old to the trash bin and switch to the new tool.
      So millions of people put all their trust and hope in the new gadget, toy, tool, model etc. This NEW tool will save us (economically, financially etc.).

      The fragility of this mindset can be seen in many fast advancing domains. Computer science is one example. I saw this principle at work with Windows operating systems. Windows Vista was newer than Windows 2000 or Windows 1998 but it was not better. On the contrary. From the user’s point of view it was worse then previous operating systems. People were not satisfied at all and Microsoft came with Windows 7 (which is a very good operating system, by the way). This is just an example. You can find many other examples in the real life.

      Just a few years ago blogs were new and people worshiped it. Then social media appear and people jumped on the bandwagon saying: Blogs are not good, social media is THE ONE. The one that will make us reach and free, the one that will save us. The hell with blogs: we are now social.

      Just a few years in the future, a new tool will emerge. Let’s call it X. When the new X tool will emerge millions of peopel will say: Social media is bad. We must close all our social media accounts and go to X tool. This is THE ONE. THE CHOSEN ONE. X tool will give us money and freedom. This new X toll will save us.

      This the eternal hope that the future will bring us what we don’t have today. An eternal hope that will never be fulfilled.

      What I believe and stand for

      I believe in blogs.
      I will defend blogs with all my resources. I believe these are the best tools available in the online world. They are and will remain no.1

      I believe in blog commenting. This is a wonderful and powerful way to engage people. Blog comments must remain and cannot be replaced by social media.

      I believe in a comment system that combines classic WP system with plugins like CommentLuv. This is the best comment system, although it is not perfect.


      Social media is a good toll but, in the economy of your business, it is an auxiliary too. You need a system and this system HAS to incorporate many elements: site, blog, mobile, social media, team, strategies etc. A wise man will invest in many baskets and will use each tool the way it was designed and for the purpose it was designed.

      My wish is this: People stop shouting at blogs. Don’t say blogs must be closed and we all must go to social media. In just a few years from now on you will change your mind.

  10. Hi Silviu

    Using the root domain in your comments signals that you’re less likely to be a backlink hunter.

    Many spammers and backlink hunters try and link to an inner page in an effort to increase its importance with search engines – ie for link building purposes.

    I have that option ticked in the Anti Backlink plugin for that very reason.

    It’s unfortunate that some people’s blogs aren’t on the root domain (because it means they get moderated) but if they leave genuine comments then I approve them and if it’s approproate, I whitelist them when they get added to the moderation queue. Cole is an example of this – he is whitelisted on my blog.

    For me, the blog post is only half of the story – the comments make it whole.

    I invite people to comment by asking questions at the end of each post. They don’t have to stick to them but it’s a starting point.

    The one thing I like about the comments you leave on my blog Silviu is that they are constructive. If you agree with me you tell me but if you don’t you tell me that too.

    I don’t want to be pandered too. I want an open conversation but it needs to be a respectful one too!
    Tim Bonner invites you to read… Blog Niche: Why Bigger Isn’t Always BetterMy Profile

    • Hi Tim,

      Thank you for the comment. Interesting explanation. It helped me understand a little bit more about the whole issue. So, it means the problem is those comments made from outside the root domain arrive in the moderation queue. Then, after you whitelist them, everything is OK. So what’s the whole fuss? What is the annoying part? Is it the fact that some people do not want their comments to be moderated? They want them accepted immediately? This is so unimportant that it doesn’t worth a discussion. I make many comments that arrive in the moderation queue and I am not annoyed by this little inconvenient. If this is all, the whole discussion stops here and I am not interested anymore. Only if there is more in stake here than the moderation queue, further research is necessary. Time will tell.

      Have a wonderful week

  11. Hi Silviu,

    Your ebook sounds like it’s going to be awesome. I love blog commenting and I have been using it to build relationships and get to know people. You hit right on the nail when you said if you can’t figure something out or have an issue with something you can get an answer from the community.

    I had an issue solved just by posting a blog post and asking for help. By the way thank you, you were the one who first told me about the new Antibacklinker plugin.

    I installed it yesterday and I love it. It was quite a bit of work to go in there and whitelist all the regular commenters on my site. But I think that it was definitely worth doing it.

    Thanks again and I’m sure that your ebook is going to be great. I’ll talk to you later.
    Susan Velez invites you to read… Time Management Clock – Taking More BreaksMy Profile

    • Hi Susan,

      Thank you for the comment. Yes a a community around your blog or somebody else’s blog is a good place to learn new things and ask for help. I will keep this in mind when I write the ebook.

      Now, I want to talk to you about one interesting option in AntiBacklink. It is called: “ONLY people that use a root domain get links?”

      You must be aware about this option and make a decision in your anti-spam policy. The issue was reported here on my blog by an internet marketer who said that his blog is not installed in the root domain and when he make comments, they are sent into moderation or get a warning (“you didn’t fulfilled the criteria” or something alike).

      It seems that everything revolves around that field in the comment section where you must put the address of your website. Here, you are expected to use the root domain of your blog. This seems to be the best practice for blog commenting.

      It seems that some people use that field to post a link to a specific post. This is considered spam. For this reason, in Antibacklink plugin, Andy Bailey created that option.

      Unfortunately, there are some people who make legitimate comments but, because their blogs are not in the root domain (but installed as …/blog or something alike), their comments are sent in the moderation queue or simply denied (with a warning, in the best case).

      You have, of course, two options: to check or not to check that field in AntiBacklink.

      If you check that field, the best choice seems to be to send the comments in the moderation queue. Then, you will check that comment and, if you trust the person, whitelist him (her).

      If you don’t check that option, there will be no problem for anybody to put anything in that field. This will allow some people to place links to specific posts (and spammers can take advantage of that).

      It is your choice and is also a part of your comment and anti-spam policy on your blog.

      Have a wonderful day

  12. I think receiving comments helps the site owner or author know that people are actually reading their content, and encourages them to continue and improve. It may also make them yearn for more.

    Comments can also inspire new topics or posts to build upon.

    I am not sure what kind of role they may play on larger sites and businesses though. Comments are not all that engaging, on topic, and flat out strange.

    On a side note, I don’t know if it is just me but when I clicked on your footer links I got a page not found error page. I was mostly curious about the DMCA Notice link. I don’t recall seeing one of those very often.
    Ray invites you to read… When Commenting On Blogs Use Your Real NameMy Profile

    • Hi Ray,

      Thank you for the comment. You have just given me two new ideas about blog comments role. Thanks.

      You didn’t find any DMCA page as there is none. I still don’t know if these type of pages are important. I will probably do a DMCA page in the future, I’m not sure.

      Have a wonderful day

  13. Hi Silviu,

    Commenting is controversial but I also think using comments depends on your goals, your type of online business and also who you are.

    You’ll notice that there are lots of blogs out there that get tons of comments but the owner of that blog never comments anywhere else. They don’t have to because their content is so good, folks just come to them because their content is so good and they may also be an authority in their niche.

    A lot of folks use comments as sort of an exchange too. You comment on my blog I’ll comment on yours. Even though that helps get recognition for bloggers initially it shouldn’t become a lasting strategy. You want to keep improving your content so there’s no need for reciprocation. Those reciprocating comments are often empty comments.

    If you’re trying to build lasting relationships, trust and loyalty, commenting is one of the best ways to do that.

    But if you’re commenting to get backlinks for your blog and improve ranking you may be disappointed. It’s your links within content on relevant, quality sites that help improve your ranking. Your links in comments, sidebars and footers are considered less relevant to search engines like Google.

    If you’re trying to improve ranking by getting tons of comments on your blog you may be disappointed again. There are lots of blog posts that rise to the top of the search engines and have no comments whatsoever.

    The best use of comments are the ones that enhance the discussion on your blog. The more ‘GOOD’ relevant content a commenter adds to your post, the better. That’s the thing that not only draws other readers in and generates quality backlinks, it also helps boost ranking. That’s what you need to shooting for. Not empty comments that make no effort to contribute.

    Liz McGee invites you to read… Tips For Engaging Your Audience Through Social Media That Work Like CrazyMy Profile

    • Hi Ms Liz,

      Thank you for the comment. Yes, content is so important. The better the content the better the results in any domain (traffic, engagement, conversions, money, fame etc.).
      Comments as a method to success. Good idea. Quality and relevant content in comments brings you backlinks, readers, rankings. I will keep this idea in mind for my next ebook about … blog comments.
      Actually the comments made on this particular posts brought more ideas than those I managed to write inside the post itself. Without the comments the book would be poorer.
      So I am happy that you are here and you added a very substantial comment about different types of blogs, bloggers, purpose of commenting and styles.

      May your day be blessed with love and success

  14. I guess blog comments would be for different reasons at different times, depending on the blog and the relationship you already have with the blogger. Most of the time I try to be encouraging, but not dishonest — in other words, if I disagree with something, or the blog is outright wrong about something, then I believe I should say so, in a respectful and encouraging way.

    Willena Flewelling invites you to read… Setting a New Goal!My Profile

    • Hello Mrs Flewelling,

      Thank you for he comment. I am glad that most people understand the value of a feedback in the comments. It really helps the author of the post understand what is good and more important what is not good in that post. This is what I call help and contradiction and disagreement is a powerful way to make somebody reach a higher level.
      And yes, of course, it must be done in a respectful and encouraging way.

      How are things going with your first novel? Did you reach your 90000 words?

      Have a wonderful day
      Silviu Constantinescu invites you to read… Blog Commenting Results. Case Study 1My Profile

  15. Blog comments for me indicate that my blog is engaging and speaking to people, my ideal reader and client… Michael
    The Food Curator invites you to read… Kenwood Chef ReviewMy Profile

  16. Blog commenting is so good ! It shows readers appreciate what you post and expect more …

    • Hi Dahunsi,

      Thank you for the comment. Well, I can see that you are a real person, you have a site, a facebook page, you are studying Computer Science and prepare yourself for a career. This is very good. You create now the foundation for your future successes. Speaking of Facebook page… why did you put all those information there (birthday, mobile phone)? I do not think it is a good idea.

      One more thing. When you comment on other people site’s, please make a solid comment of more than one line. One short phrase is not so professional. It creates a bad impression and makes you look like a spammer. I do not normally approve this type of comments.

      To your success and

      Have a wonderful day
      Silviu Constantinescu invites you to read… Blog Commenting Results. Case Study 1My Profile

  17. Hi Silviu! Nice topic you got here. Short but precise. I agree with you, blog comments should be use to add value or discussion to the topic. Or if you have reactions to what the author has to say. But it is not a tool to negatively criticize or destroy the credibility of the author. A positive criticism is nice though to bring out both sides of the coin.
    Jeff invites you to read… WP Engine Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale 2013 – 4 Months Free HostingMy Profile

    • Hi Jeff,

      Thank you for the comment. It’s been a long time … . Glad you are here again. What’s up in the anime world? I am still watching Naruto.

      It is surprising that you talk about blog comments. I thought you were not interested. On your blog it is not so easy to find a comment. Did you changed your mind and want to try the relationship marketing methods?

      Have wonderful day.
      Silviu Constantinescu invites you to read… Blog Commenting Results. Case Study 1My Profile

      • Hi glad to hear from you again.
        There are several new animes unfortunately I don’t have time watching them all. I just finished watching Book 2 of The Legend of Korra, if you are familiar with that one.

        Well, it’s hard to get comments nowadays, I rarely get comments from my readers. I used to have more comments from NAruto and Bleach topics then it all ended when Google decided to de-rank my site :(

        I guess I need to build my site’s reputation and popularity more before I people will actually start leaving comments.
        Jeff invites you to read… WP Engine Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale 2013 – 4 Months Free HostingMy Profile

        • Hi Jeff,

          Thanks for the comment. I am sorry to hear this. Do you have any idea what happened? I stopped thinking about Google traffic for quite a while. Actually I think SEO is now so complex so convoluted that it is a waste of time to understand it.

          Google’s last move about encrypting the searches and making it available only for paying users brought even more chaos and suffering. An old world is dying and a new one is raising. We are in the twilight zone just before the day breaks.

          Building a reputation? Yes, this is indeed a good idea. Increasing the popularity will need some investments in time and effort and maybe some money but all will pay.

          Alone in the darkness the only thing that matters and keeps you alive is the rock solid believe that Sun will soon rise on your street.

          Have a wonderful day
          Silviu Constantinescu invites you to read… Blog Commenting Results. Case Study2My Profile

          • I’m not really sure what happened. It’s either google has penalized my site for unknown reasons or the search algorithm update really hit my site bad.

            I’m not really focusing on SEO anymore, just want to write more content as much as possible
            Jeff invites you to read… Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Announced – See specs, price and availabilityMy Profile

          • Hi Jeff,

            Thanks for the comment. SEO is not dead. It is just in a big turmoil. Slowly but steadily a new way of doing business online is emerging. A new paradigm is coming. New methods of identifying people’s needs and wants will emerge. In just a few years things will be extremely different. Focusing on content and people is the best thing you can do now.

            Have a wonderful day

  18. Hi Silviu,

    I can definitely agree with you that blog comments are excellent reason to be happy. I personally find comments from others very encouraging as well, and also motivation to continue blogging. I guess I never really realized the extent to which commenting on blogs is also another way to help share the knowledge that you have. I tend to only read articles about things that interest me or are newer to me; however, I think I might end up changing that. I tend to think of forums more for sharing your knowledge (as well as getting help from others), but I guess you’re completely right that the comment section of a blog is certainly an excellent place to do that also.

    Thanks for sharing man and it’s good to connect.
    Looking forward to your new eBook.

    Josh May
    Josh May invites you to read… Using Your Free Time to Make you Extra Money OnlineMy Profile

    • Hi Josh,

      Thank you for the comment and Welcome to my site.

      LOL! “Subscribe and help me live my dream.” You are funny. The idea is cool and it shows imagination and a little bit of guts (absolutely necessary for success).

      Now, why despise The Wizard of Oz? You should never despise a good story. That’s because this is what you are doing right now. You have just started to build your own story: Josh May the Wizard of Money Making Oz. Some years from now on, what you think is just a little blog with some blog posts will become an important chapter of the life of a great man: You.

      Teenagers and adults will read your story and marvel like Dorothy and dream to be like you. You will be the embodiment of a dream: the dream of a young man who comes of age, starts an online business, learn, fights, becomes and expert, then an authority and influencer and reach the highest peaks.

      People love stories and you must do the same.

      Have a wonderful day
      Silviu Constantinescu invites you to read… Blog Commenting Results. Case Study 1My Profile

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