A Blogging Community that Makes a Difference: Bizsugar

A more powerful tool

Blogging community: BizsugarAs time goes by and your blog grows and you gain more and more experience, you feel the need to increase your exposure beyond creating content and commenting on other people’s blogs.

If you want to increase awareness about your business and drive more traffic, you need to use more powerful tools.

Blogging communities can take you to a higher level and bring you more results than before. One such blogging community that can be of real help for small business owners is Bizsugar.

What is Bizsugar?

Bizsugar is a site, a social sharing platform, a bookmarking tool and a small business news aggregator. Here you can do all the things you do on any other blogging community. However, it’s importance comes from the fact it is especially designed and targeted for entrepreneurs and small businesses (like you and me) with 0 – 100 employees.

What can you get from Bizsugar?

  • A place to share your small business content (articles, podcasts, videos etc.) to a significant number of people
  • Make connections with other small business owners and entrepreneurs (comments, votes, shares)
  • Get a lot of targeted information for small business owners
  • Get relevant content about starting or growing a business
  • Create or increase your reputation
  • Become a leader (this is a place to display your expertise and be discovered)
  • Market your business or blog
  • Avoid crappy commentators from niches that have nothing to do with your business (the community is moderated)

Last but not least, Bizsugar is free.

What should you do inside this blogging community?

Obviously, the first thing you must do is to join the community. Then you can:

  • Read other members posts
  • Comment on other people’s posts
  • Vote for the posts you like
  • Submit your posts, videos etc.
  • Search for people you know and add them as friends (create your network of friends)
  • Make new friends. 

Where to begin?

Go to http://www.bizsugar.com. You will get the following screen:


Blogging community: Bizsugar


On the upper right hand side you will see the Register button. click Register.

Type your username, email, password, subscribe to their newsletter (if you want) and click Register account.

You may click the Connect with Facebook account, if you want. Personally I don’t want to register with Facebook so I avoided this button.

After you click Register, you must check your email inbox for the activation link. Click the activation link then Login.

Sharing the content in the blogging community

From outside: The Bookmarklet

On the upper right corner you will see a button called Profile. Click on it. Now you are in the Personal information tab. Somewhere below you should see a text like:

The Bookmarklet: BizSugar: 


Bizsugar bookmarklet


Hover the mouse over the word Bizsugar, then drag it on your bookmark toolbar. Now you can submit a story whenever you want using this bookmarklet (from outside Bizsugar).

Submit your post from inside

To upload your post you can use the Submit an article button:


Bizsugar submit button


What else can you do now?

You can search for friends in the Find friends search box:


Bizsugar search box


You can explore the site. Find what other people are posting, make comments and vote.

One way to find out who’s who in Biz sugar is to go to Sweets – Top Members:


Blogging community top members


When you find someone you know, click on that person’s name, then simply add him (her) as a friend. Or you can just start to read other posts, comment and vote in one of the Bizsugar’s sections. Here is an example:


Online marketing section of the blogging community


That’s all folks. Thank you for the time. Now let me ask you a question:

What is the blogging community that really makes a difference for you?  

Let a comment below and share the post with your friends.

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  1. Hey Silviu,
    I am loving this series, you should package it up as “a series”, because it is really some of the best things we can use as bloggers.
    I have only seen the tip of the iceberg with BizSugar, I rarely even post on there. So now I am off to find some friends and increase my influence :>
    see you over there
    Ashley / Madlemmings invites you to read… Why Buffer App rocks – Tips, Tricks and FeaturesMy Profile

    • Hi Ashley,

      Thank you for the comment. Bizsugar is not an easy environment. That’s because they are targeted to small business and entrepreneurs. This means that it is not just for everybody. The level of content there is a little bit higher and the articles are more sophisticate and a bit more technical. You can learn a lot from there and it is a good reference point or standard to use for your own articles.

      Have a wonderful day

  2. Hi Silviu

    I have an account at BizSugar but I haven’t used it in a while.

    I tend to use BlogEngage currently, or at least I did. I was paying a monthly amount to promote my blog there but I wasn’t seeing great results so I reverted back to a standard account.

    I struggle to find the time on these social networking to engage and comment on everything but that’s a big part of these kind of sites and the reason why I don’t do very well on them!
    Tim Bonner invites you to read… How To Promote Your Blog PostsMy Profile

    • Hi Tim,

      Thank you for the comment. Yes, when you join a big community like Bizsugar or Blog Engage, you must be active there otherwise you won’t get results. Or maybe if you are famous or your content is absolutely exceptional.

      This means you can’t be a a member of too many communities. I really don’t understand those people who say they are members in 5 or more blogging communities and 10 facebook groups and 10 Linkedin groups and 5 Gplus communities etc.

      If you do it seriously, professionally, you can’t be a member in so many places. If you use those places only to post your articles, then, yes. You can do it anytime and without too much effort or stress.

      Have a wonderful day

  3. Jeevan Jacob John
    Reply to Jeevan

    I haven’t really been active on Bizsugar. Most of my time was spent on Blogengage and Blokube (mostly BE).

    I need to revisit these communities, and see how they are doing (and select which ones I should go for, before launching the new blog. BE is my favorite community, learned a lot and gained a lot of friends through that community).

    Anyways, thank you for sharing your thoughts on Bizsugar, Silviu :)

    • Hi Jacob,

      Thank you for the comment. I am very new to Bizsugar so I cannot evaluate the real usefulness of this community. I think many months will pass until I will be able to give a final verdict. So, if you like Blog Engage and got results there, then stick with it. It is always a better idea to stick to what you know. However, in your spare time you may try different new things and compare the results. It will take time but sometimes you will discover better tools than those you use.

      Have a wonderful day

  4. I have been a member of Biz Sugar for a while and go there to read from time to time because of its good content I have hardly posted on there myself because of time restraints. I tend to join a lot of social networking sites for research (and to spread my name around the web) but there are only so many that you can concentrate on without neglecting other tasks.

    I have just joined Blog Engage as a standard member and wondered about upgrading further. I am pleased to find out your experience of it Tim.

    The most important aspect of a blogging network is to make close contacts for mutual support. It is harder to do on networks where the main purpose is posting your own content.
    Sue Bride invites you to read… Bling Your BlogMy Profile

    • Hello Mrs Bride,

      Thank you for the comment and Welcome to my site. Blogging communities are very good for research and meet new people. As for promotion … there is only a small number of things you can concentrate on (as you said) in order to obtain good results.

      Have a wonderful day

  5. Jaymie Johnson Reply to Jaymie

    Great blog Silviu. I have heard about lots of this sort of stuff before but have never had the time to look further into it, I honestly always thought why bother – but after reading your blog I have decided I definitely need to give it a go.
    Thanks for the great read.

  6. It’s great to see that you’ve already written a post about BizSugar Silviu! You know that I’m a huge proponent of this social networking site. It’s been a solid source of referral traffic for me for years.

    As you mentioned in your reply to Ashley, it is targeted to small businesses and entrepreneurs which is part of why I like it so much. What I also find valuable is that they have a very engaged group of moderators there. Don’t be surprised if you don’t see some of them commenting here on your blog. I know they’ll find your content as valuable as I do.
    Sherryl Perry invites you to read… Building Your Personal Brand OnlineMy Profile

    • Hi Sherryl,

      Thank you for the comment. Yes, I now know that Bizsugar has good content and it is a place where you can acquire a more specialized knowledge. I accept the fact that it will take a long time until they will start to notice me and I don’t mind.

      Have a wonderful day

  7. Great review Silviu,

    At last, it’s good to see that you joined bizsugar, I’m sure you’ve created (and still building) good amount of connection and relationships. Best of luck to those about to join, they’re really missing a big thing.

    Have a wonderful day.
    Gilbert Samuel invites you to read… Win 1 of 10 Blog Engage Standard Accounts and 1 Platinum AccountMy Profile

    • Hi Gilbert,

      Thanks for the comment. Yes, Bizsugar is very interesting because it provides a more targeted and more specialized knowledge. I like the fact it was specially designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners. For the moment I just read, comment and vote on other people’s post. I will start to send my own articles soon.
      By the way, what is your username in Bizsugar. I will search for it and add you as a friend.

      Have a wonderful week

  8. Hi Silviu,

    It’s viralwriter
    I have a plan but I don’t know if it’s a good idea, I’ll just shoot it.
    You know how bizsugar works right? higher votes takes you to the homepage and this means more traffic and relationships.

    How about coming together in triberr and promote each other? You submit an article on triberr, other members comment and vote and vice versa.
    What do you think? Good idea?
    Gilbert Samuel invites you to read… Win 1 of 10 Blog Engage Standard Accounts and 1 Platinum AccountMy Profile

  9. Hi Silviu,

    First of all I am not a member of BlogEngage or BizSugar yet. However, I wonder how those communities are different from Triberr, B3 community etc. and how do they provide additional facilities to justify the cose?

    Please help me understand the difference as I would love to be part of a community which really adds value.

    Thank you!

    Kumar Gauraw invites you to read… 5 Proven Ways to Decrease The Bounce Rate Of Your BlogMy Profile

    • Hi Kumar,

      Thank you for the comment and Welcome to my site. I don’t know too much about BlogEngage, except the fact that you must pay for the membership. Bizsugar is more like a content curation community. You may post links to your articles or links to other people’s articles there. The community is based on comments and votes. Those who get more votes arrive on their first page. There are two things I can tell about Bisugar from my experience:

      1) It is a targeted community dedicated only for small business owners and entrepreneurs. This means you will get only posts about the problems that interest this type of people.
      2) The second thing is that it has tough moderators. If you post something there, there is no guarantee it will be accepted and you need to work hard to stand out from the crowd.

      The value of Bizsugar seems to come from the people who are there. You can make interesting connections and the level of complexity is higher. It is a also a big community with thousands of people, which is an opportunity in itself.

      For the moment, I only use Bizugar for learning purposes and finding interesting small business owners and entrepreneurs.

      I don’t know if this information will satisfy you. If you are already a member of 2-3 communities, you should consider carefully where you go and who you join. Each new community involves more work and more time to invest so any decision must be taken after a careful consideration.

      Congratulations for your site. I like it very much. You seem an open person with strong values and a very good work ethic. I like that. You are always welcomed here and I will return the favor as soon as I can.

      Have a wonderful day

  10. I Silviu,

    You can’t vote for somebody through triberr platfrom but you can visited the pasted link through triberr comment and visit bizsugar. It’s like this;

    You submit your post on bizsugar, copy the link to the post you submitted on bizsugar and drop as a comment in your tribe, other tribe members will visit the link and give you an upvote and comment on bizsugar.

    They can also drop theirs, while other members visits the link and vote for them too. It’s a win-win situation but I don’t really know if it’s actually a good idea.

    Sounds confusing?

    • Hi Gilbert,

      Thank you for the comment. Well there is a little bit of confusion because I thought the problem was: How to vote on Triberr.
      Now, it seems you are thinking to something different: How to use Triberr to get votes on Bizsugar.
      I am very new to Bizsugar. My first approved post is yet to come. So I don’t know if I can really be of help there.

      Hey Gilbert! I made a comment on your site. Don’t take it personally. I was thinking about the difference between theory and practice and I made that comment. If you don’t like it, please reject it.

      Have a wonderful week

  11. Hi Silviu,

    I’ve only been using BizSugar for a few months but I’m already a huge fan! It’s bringing me a nice amount of traffic and it’s a fantastic way of discovering new blogs and forming new connections with other bloggers. I use a few other blogging communities as well but BizSugar continues to be my favourite. it’s very busy and I like the setup.

    Very useful post, thanks for sharing!

    Laura Raisanen invites you to read… 6 Tips To Better Blog CommentingMy Profile

  12. Hi Silviu,
    I heard the name before but didn’t know much else about BizSugar.
    Are there any requirements or a certain ‘quota’ once you have joined?

    Thank you so much for the comprehensive overview!

    Much appreciated!
    Yorinda invites you to read… It is All done for UsMy Profile

    • Hi Yorinda,

      Thank you for the comments. As far as I know, there are no requirements. You just join and start read, comment and vote (if you want). There is no “quota” or, at least, there is nothing similar to B3 where you must make a minimum number of comments and shares. If you don’t want to comment or vote, you will just remain a member and read some articles there, when you want or have time available. I think that is all.

      Have a wonderful week

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