How to Become a Time Lord and Enjoy Success

The secret ingredient of success

how to become a timelord

We all know there are people with excellent life skills that want more from their life but never have. They dream of riches and success but take the path to poverty and misery. The question is Why?

When you give two similar people the same opportunity, one wins and the other one doesn’t. Why?

What is the difference between success and failure? And why are successful people … successful?

It is not a question of they having luck or fate or intelligence or skill. The secret is time. They know how to master time.

A successful person is a time lord while an unsuccessful person is a time … slave.

Where you begin?

Mastering time begins in your mind. The process begins not with what you do but with what you think. It begins with your “philosophy”. What? Philosophy? Give me a break!

Wait! It is not what you think.

What is philosophy?

Philosophy does not mean to read Plato, Aristotle or Kant. Now way! It is something very simple.

Philosophy is the way you see the world and the way you live your life.


This is the definition you need to know and understand. And the core concept of your philosophy is time: understanding and mastering the power of time.

When you understand time, you can master it. This is the moment when you become a time lord and enjoy success. What is the power of time?

The power of time

calendarTime flows. Never stops. Everything in this world happens in time. Nothing can escape from this terrible power.

When time works for you, it “propels” you and your business high in the sky. When time works against you, you fall in the deepest and darkest misery.

The most important thing in your life is to make time work in your favor. When time works in your favor you become a time lord. This is what successful people do.

Successful people vs unsuccessful people

It doesn’t matter what kind of statistics you read. They all tell the same story. The vast majority of people (95% or more) fail. Only a minority (5% maximum) succeed. Why?

Successful people understand time and make IT work in their favor. Unsuccessful people do not understand time and this makes IT work against them.

If you understand time, you will get what you want. All your dreams will come true. If you do not understand time, you will get nothing. What does it mean to understand time?

Unsuccessful people and time

Unsuccessful people live in an instant gratification mindset. They live in a magic-button, instant access, fast-food and magic shortcut world. They expect immediate results, they want everything right now or better, yesterday.

It is not about a quick or hot temperament. It is a whole way of thinking, a whole philosophy. It is the philosophy of unsuccessful people: the philosophy of failure. This way you cannot become a time lord. The only thing you will become is a time … slave.

The philosophy of failure

time and date

In this way of thinking people have lost the understanding of time. TV, movies, mass media created a new culture: instant culture or, in other words, the culture of right now.

In a movie, everything has to be finished in one and a half hours. A movie is filled with spectacular actions, dramatic actions with immediate results.

This is the reason why people started to lose contact with time. Even worse: more and more people subconsciously think real life is similar with what they see in the movies: spectacular actions, dramatic, obvious and instant results.

At a subconscious level they expect to see their life and their business going on like in movies: spectacular, dramatic and instant results. They expect what is called a “breakthrough”.

People are looking for a breakthrough, a quantum leap, a spectacular hit, an extraordinary moment when their life (or their business) will change for the better dramatically and overnight.

Unfortunately for them, it never happens. This is not the way to build success. This is a surefire way to become a slave of time.

Successful people and time

Successful people understand time and know how to make it work in their favor. They have a very different mindset and live in a world of … simple things that are easy to do.

This is not a different, slower or cooler temperament. It is a different way of thinking. It is a totally different philosophy and a surefire way to become a time lord.

The philosophy of success

In this way of thinking, people know that all your dreams can be achieved by doing simple things.

Successful people do simple things that are easy to do.

Example 1:

A successful person that wants to lose 10 pounds will do that by choosing one simple action like:

15 minutes of stationary bike a day.


He (she) will perform this simple and easy action each and every day until he (she) succeeds. This type of action brings success in practically every walks of life.

Example 2

A successful person who want to become an expert in personal development will choose a simple action that is easy to do like the following:

Read 10 pages of a life transforming book every day.


10 pages a day is easy to do and it seems it is not a big deal. However, if you read 10 pages a day every day, what will happen after just one year? In just one year you will read 3650 pages. This means about 15 (at least) powerful books.

Do you think you will remain the same after 15 life transforming books? Absolutely not. At that point you will have a huge volume of knowledge at your disposal.

When applied, this knowledge will change your mind, will change your attitudes, your actions, your results and your lifestyle. Surefire way to become a time lord.

Example 3:

Write one page a day every day

This may not seem much but what happens if you write only one page per day, every day for, let’s say, 100 days? 100 days is just a little bit more than three months. In just three months you will shoot two birds:

  • You will seriously developed your writing skills
  • You will accumulate enough material to create 100 blog posts in the domain of your choice.

This is how you build success:

Simple disciplines, done consistently over time, will add up to a very big success. 


If all you have to do is simple, positive, easy to do things, why 95% fail and just 5% are successful? The answer may surprise you:

Those simple actions that are easy to do are also easy not to do.

It is true that anyone can do them. However, most won’t. Why is that? The answer is simple:

  • Not doing an action is more comfortable than doing it.
  • If you do not do that simple and easy to do action, this won’t kill you … today.  

If you do not do that simple action (use a stationary bike, brisk walking for 30 minutes a day, smoking one less cigarette per week etc.), nothing will happen … today. Nothing will happen tomorrow or next week or even next month.

Unfortunately, this simple error of judgment, compounded over time, will kill you. It will destroy you and ruin all your chances to success.

If you choose a simple action and do it, will it matter … today? Absolutely no. Will it matter tomorrow? No. Will it matter next week or next month? No.

However, this simple, positive action, compounded in time will bring you long lasting success and change your life forever.

Objection overruled!

How to master time and become a time lord?

You master time (or become a slave of time) when you make the choice:

  • A simple, positive action repeated over time (you become a master of time)
  • A simple error in judgment, repeated over time (you are enslaved by time).

What is the domain of life or business where you want to reach success? Answer this question and then identify at least one simple, positive and easy to do action that compounded in time will lead you to success. Then do it, constantly every day. Next, choose another simple, positive and easy to do action and do it every day.

This is how you become a time lord and enjoy success.

Final remarks

You may ask yourself: how come that this blogger has reached such a wisdom? The truth is that this wisdom is not mine. It is in perfect harmony with my life experience and my beliefs but … it is not mine.

I found it in a beautiful book, very well known just a few years ago. It is called:

The Slight Edge

and it was written by Jeff Olson.

My piece of advice that I give you with all my heart: search for this book, find it, buy it, read it and apply the knowledge. This is your chance to master time and become a real time lord.

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  1. Hey Silviu
    Nice to see a new post from you.
    Time and success has been on my mind lately as I have too much to do.
    I have been trying to cram things into the day, and that works to a point. But then you get into efficiencies.
    Now I am trying to focus on the things that make the difference in my business. Making contacts. finishing work I am involved in. Learning the things I need to do to get to the next level.
    It is easy to get bogged down in commenting and social media, but in the end it brings me no money or customers. I have to build the things I need.
    So although you are right about the mindset of persistence, it is also a matter of knowing what you need to do to succeed. That is indeed hard.
    Have a great week
    Ashley invites you to read… MLP 002: Building an Online Business from Scratch with Max Ivey – The Blind BloggerMy Profile

    • Hey Ashley,

      Thank you for the comment. It’s is always a pleasure to see you here on my blog. You are so right about focusing on the things that make the difference in your business. The best thing people must do is to identify those things, formulate them in simple actions that are easy to do and then do them every day. Then time will work on your side.

      What is very important is how you perceive each of these tasks that make the difference.

      If you decide that blog commenting is a very important thing that can make the difference in your business, then you must decide how to do it in an easy way.

      For example, you can decide that 8 blog comments a day is enough. In this case you must make 8 blog comments a day each day.

      However, you might perceive 8 comments a day as a difficult task. In this case it is useless to make 8 blog comments a day. You will quit in just a few months. You must feel the task is easy to do for you.

      If 8 blog comments a day is too difficult, just cut from the task. Try 6 comments a day or 5. Try it until you feel it is easy for you. Set the level of “easiness” and be persistent. Only then times works in your favor.

      I am still under the magic of your first video where I was able to see you in person, talking, moving smiling. I like it very much. I saw the shyness in your eyes and the emotions in your soul. And I saw a little bit of loneliness there and some other things.

      But I also “saw” and felt your heart. It radiates joy and goodness. This was the most important discovery I’ve made. It was enough for me to know you.

      You are always welcome here and I expect great things from you. You deserve, you can and you will shine.

      Glad to meet you Ashley

      Have a wonderful day

  2. Hey Silviu,

    Haven’t seen you in while, so it’s good to see your new posts :)

    Anyways, great points presented here. I agree with your point about most people not understanding time (and how to manage it well….managing time, also requires an understanding of how your brain works. And most people don’t spend a lot of time on learning about their brains).

    I am not a time lord, but I do spent a lot of time experimenting with my I manage it (It’s great, for the most part. Sure, I do slack of here and there. Like this week, for instance, I didn’t do much commenting since I felt I lost my motivation. Fortunately, I have a break next week, so enough time to rediscover my love for blogging, again :D).

    Anyways, thank you for the awesome post, Silviu :) And for the book recommendation. My reading list is full right now, but I will definitely check this book! Thanks!
    Jeevan Jacob John invites you to read… Creativity & Boredom – An Unexpected Combo!My Profile

    • Hi Jacob,

      Thank you for the comment. It is not difficult for you to become a time lord. You are young, energetic, enthusiastic and showed courage and initiative. The key is the word “easy” and the word “persistence”. Identify what is important for you to succeed, translate these things in simple and easy to do actions and do them each and every day. Time will work in your favor and in just a short while you will master it and become a time lord.

      Simple actions that are easy to do, when done consistently over time, add up to the biggest accomplishments.

      Have a wonderful day

  3. I love the look and feel of your new design Sylviu. It looks fresh and updated.

    My focus on time this year has been to spend more time on family and personal goals. I haven’t got it figured out yet but it feels right to me.

    Thanks for the recommendation to read “The Slight Edge”. I’ll keep it in mind. I plan on taking some time off in June. I should make time to read it.
    Sherryl Perry invites you to read… The Heartbleed Bug and More #FridayFindsMy Profile

  4. Successful people understand time and know how to make it work in their favor. – love this quote Silviu, that’s something people don’t acknowledge. they’re busy making excuses as to why they’re not successful and why they can’t achieve their dreams.

    I take umbrage at the discouragement not to read Plato and Aristotle (but not at Kant ;)) lol, and yes personal philosophies are needed. It’s these that keep a person true to themselves and more or less likely to be successful.

    Simple actions, repeated are the keys to more success, and not the complicated blueprints that you often see.
    Sarah Arrow invites you to read… The 5 Excuses That Keep Bloggers BrokeMy Profile

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