How to Get Professional Reviews for Your Blog

The importance of a professional review

how to get professional reviews

We live in an instant gratification world. We must get results … yesterday. No wonder the visitors of our blog think the same. Their patience is short lived and if your site loads slow or is unattractive, they will leave and never return.

You need a fast and good looking blog but what happens if you are not a designer and you do not know how efficient and attractive your blog is? You need an expert to review your blog and tell you what to do. Now, how to get professional reviews for your blog?

Usually a professional review costs money but there may be another way.

Introducing Ashley Faulkes

ashley profile

Courtesy of Ashley Faulkes

Now, let me introduce you to the one who can really help you with your blog either with the techie part or with the design or branding part.

Ashley Faulkes is a web developer, which means he is a techie guy who knows how to code and do all those complicated things with the software that 90% of us don’t know or hate to do it.

However, Ashley is more than a simple web developer. He is a rare breed, a techie guy with artistic skills that can write code but also match colors, analyze layouts, design all kind of elements and so on.

This is a rare combination: web developer + design abilities + artistic skills. It is not so easy to find somebody like him these days.

What is in it for you?

Apart from writing code and correcting mistakes he can analyze a website or blog, make a review with all the good and the bad of that site from loading time and plugins to themes, layout, colors, optin forms, sidebars and other design elements. He can even help you with advice on branding and social media etc.

An impressive review

Simply put it, I asked him to analyze my blog. I was  not interested in the loading speed and plugins but I was very interested in improving the design of my blog. He analyzed everything, according to my wish and created a review and published it on his blog.

The elements analyzed were:

  • First impression of the blog
  • Theme suggestions
  • Navigation
  • Branding and consistency
  • Blog pages (existing ones but also suggestions for new ones)
  • Sidebar analysis: search form, widgets, advertising, comments
  • Blog posts: layout and consistency
  • Images and social share buttons
  • Email list and leads.

He also gave me a list of suggestions and told me what can I do to improve my blog. Impressive, isn’t it? However, do not take my words for granted. Go and read the review and see for yourself. You can find the review here:

Website Review: Consistent Branding, Design and List Building

How much did all these cost me? Well, this was the best part. It was very affordable as it cost me ZERO dollars. Nothing. Nada! How come?

Well, Ashley is now expanding his business and he is offering:

One free professional review per week for a site or blog.


I was one of the first lucky ones. The simple fact that I was on his list made me eligible for that review and … that was it. I was chosen and now I have plenty of information about what is not working on my blog and what should I do to improve.

You can have that, too. How?

How to get professional reviews for your blog

The process is simple. Go to the following address:

I will review one site a week for free 

Type your name, email, website url and what do you want to know about your site or blog. Then click Submit. That is all.

Now Ashley is not so new in business so there are many people on his list. If you want to increase your chances to be selected, connect with Ashley on the following social media accounts:


gplus icontwitter-icon




Final remarks

I am sure you understand the importance of having a high quality, fast and good looking blog. A responsible blogger knows the importance of feedback for his blog. You always need a second opinion and a professional one is the best.

Now, you know what to do to and how to get professional reviews for your blog. Take advantage of this rare opportunity. It is simple, it is easy. There is no risk involved. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

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  1. Impressive! I’m going to fill that form right this moment
    I have known and worked more closely with Ashley. He’s really a pro in what he does.

    I’ll be glad to hear from him about my blog

    Thanks for this presentation Sylviu
    Enstine Muki invites you to read… Exactly How I Increased My Email Open Rate By 300%My Profile

  2. thanks for this kind post Silviu
    I hope you can certainly improve your blog as a result. And you know you can always ask for help if you need it
    have a great week
    Ashley invites you to read… MLP005: Influencer Marketing – A Hot Marketing Trend – w/ Ron SelaMy Profile

    • Hi Ashley,

      Thank you for the comment. Well, I started to make some changes. I placed an optin form with a free gift and I changed the popular posts widgets. Now it is just in text form. I also reduced greatly the length of the Recent comments widget. As you see I take into account your advice. Sooner or later the blog will improve considerably.

      Have a wonderful day

  3. Barb Brady Reply to Barb

    Hi Silviu,
    I am on Ashley’s mailing list and he talked about his review for your site. So, I thought I would stop over.

    I think you did a good post for Ashley.

    I then went to Ashley’s site. Oh my goodness. I had no idea the review would be so detailed. He spent a lot of time on it! Wow!

    He gave me some ideas too.


  4. Hi Silviu,

    You’re right, people that are both artists and coders are rare.

    I have been one of those strange birds for nearly two decades. I wonder if Ashley is an artist/writer, who codes out of necessity, as I do, or if he’s a coder (analytical left brainer type) who developed his creative side.

    He is certainly one of the best blogger buddies anyone can have, and I always appreciate his comments and feedback.

    - Cole

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