When A Wonderful Woman Tells Her Story: Graphic Designer Angela Mccall

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My dear readers, it is my pleasure to introduce to you a successful woman who knows how to take what is best from two worlds: art and business. She is a graphic designer and a successful business entrepreneur with a huge experience in her field.

I am very happy she accepted this interview and with no further ado I will begin. Ladies and gentlemen, please meet Mrs Angela McCall.


Angela, could you, please, tell us a little bit about you? Who are you?

Angela McCall

Angela McCall

I’m Angela McCall, owner and operator of Angela McCall & Associates. I’m a wife, mother, graphic designer, business entrepreneur and an online marketer.

I majored Commercial Art in college and I have worked as a Graphic Designer in the bay area and San Joaquin Valley area.

I worked for Apple Computer, NASA, Expo Advertising… just to mention a few. And now I am venturing my business online.

From printing to interactive media, my business is spearheading more towards digital media.

How did you choose the graphic design career? How did it happen?

My original career choice was to be a Fine Artist. But my dad said, “You’ll never make money in Arts. Choose a career that is in demand.” And so I guess I had to change my major a little bit. But then later on I took Commercial Arts anyway. Slightly different from Fine Arts, but it is still Arts.

Little did I knew, I never thought that computers would be invented. And ever since then, I have used computers to execute all of my designs. I love working on computers and designing graphic and web designs.

What do you like most about graphic design?

The thing I love the most about Graphic Design is I don’t only satisfy my clients but also myself. It is kind of different from Fine Arts. In Fine Arts you execute your arts no matter what people say, you don’t care what they say, it is your own expression. However, in Graphic Design, it’s different.

It’s all about pleasing the client and not yourself. But most of the time, I am pleased with my design as well as my clients. I would never present anything to them that I didn’t like.

What are the things you like to do most in graphic design?

Cartoon Angella McCall

Mystique and friends. Cartoon by Angela McCall

I tell you I’ve done almost everything except television. My very first job was cartooning for a company and it was “The Winning Weigh” and “How to Stop Smoking in 5 Days.”

I felt very blessed when I got hired at this company before I even graduated college.

However, cartooning is really not my cup of tea. I mean I don’t consider myself as the best cartoonist. In fact, cartoon is another media and I don’t think this is my expertise.

I have done a little bit of animation and slide productions for a company in the bay area. And I think the only reason why they hired me out of 300 applicants was I had experience doing slide productions before. And that was the cartooning project I have mentioned above. Still I don’t think this is my best but I did it anyway despite of.

What I love doing the most is the website designs. I also love doing logos. On the side, I love creative digital photography.

Since I am not painting on canvas at the moment, I love working on my computer creating digital photography. To me, this is my Fine Arts which I can be CREATIVE without me pleasing a client. To me it’s pure EXPRESSION of myself.

What are the software tools you like to work with?

Tools to help peopleI love Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign. I’ve used these software since day one. I don’t think there is any software I can compare. Perhaps there are other EASY ones in the market today but since these software were among the very first ones I’ve used, to me it’s very easy.


How did Angela McCall & Associates started?

Tell you the truth, I didn’t want to start a business online. All I wanted was to execute my portfolio on my website. But when I took the webinar for social media marketing, I’ve learned that I could make money on blogging. So since I had experienced blogging at Livejournal in the past, something I am familiar with and so why not? Since then Angela McCall & Associates was born.

What kind of things you create for your clients?

All kinds of things: website designs, graphic designs, sales promotional, brochures, etc.

Your beautiful art is now more and more known. You were interviewed on ABC Channel 30. Could you tell us more?

It was the time when I just launched my website and Juanita Stevenson, reporter for Valley Works (ABC Channel 30), messaged me on my Facebook fan page.

After reading her message, I asked my husband if Juanita Stevenson rings a bell. And he said, “Oh yes, she’s that reporter on Channel 30.” Then after hearing that I was really stoked.

I was about just died when she said she wanted to interview me for the 20-minute footage on Channel 30, CentralValleyWorks.com.

I’ve never been on television before and the thought of it was nerve wrecking. But when she came to our house, I was very relaxed. Like she told me, be myself and just relax. And so I did. It was a real pleasant experience to be interviewed by Channel 30.

By the way, you can meet Angela at:


twitter-iconAngela McCall






Skype ID: angeld0ve

Business +15594926876

Site AngelaMcCall.com 


I know your passions go beyond graphic design. What else do you like?

I love singing and playing guitar on my spare time. I also love ballroom dancing. I would normally go ballroom dancing on the first Sunday of the month. But lately, I haven’t done it coz I’ve been busy. Also, I love outdoor photography.



Whenever we travel, I’m always the person holding the camera. When we’re at the restaurant, I’m always taking pictures of the food. Every little details. My sister said, “Angela takes pictures of everything!” LOL. That’s right. I do that all the time.

What kind of music do you like?

I love classical, hip hop, easy rock, and contemporary. I also like “classical blue music” of Patsy Cline but in reality I’m really not into “country music” just some music in the past because it was the song I used to hear when my mom put us to sleep.  :)



Tell us about a beautiful moment in your life that is related to dance

In the past, I used to go disco dancing with my friends and some of my friends told me I was the “disco queen.” I love dancing. I think it’s the best way to exercise your body. You’re having fun and at the same time losing weight.

And so there was a time in my life, me and my daughter (Rachel) took Hawaiian dancing and we both enjoyed it. When we did our first recital, there was about 800 people in the audience. It was nerve wrecking at the time but I enjoyed performing in front of people.

Then there was another point in my life that I wanted to relieve my stress. And so my girlfriend (Ana) invited me to go ballroom dancing.

I have always wanted to learn ballroom dancing but I just didn’t have any chance until one day I was invited to it. So mind you, it was my first time and know nothing about the ballroom other than I’ve seen it on “Dancing with the Stars” and I’m always fascinated by it. Ana introduced me to all of her friends at the Radisson Inn where the ballroom took place.



When they got up and start doing the Line dancing, I’ve joined Ana and the rest of the group on the floor. I’ve learned Line dancing from a few friends at church and so I thought, hey I can do it. And so the band was playing and we were having fun dancing in front of the orchestra.

I was having a ball. When all of a sudden, I fell on the floor!!! I was just about DIED when that happened. I got up pretty quickly and walked away. Then one of Ana’s friend followed me and said, “Hey, don’t feel bad. If you didn’t fall then you are not a real dancer. All of us fell on the floor.”

All of Ana’s friends surrounded me giving me words of comfort. I was very embarrassed but at the same time very relieved because I thought I have met the most wonderful people in the world.

Since then I have joined their dance group and I met Jerry, my dance partner. He was the one who taught me how to dance Rumba when I didn’t even know anything about ballroom dancing.

He said that I’ve got moves and style and although I didn’t know how to dance ballroom, he thinks that I could learn pretty quick. So he asked me if I wanted to perform on a Show Dance which happened only last year of June 2012. The video above is my first and last Show Dance. I didn’t continue after this.

You love pets. Actually, you are a dog lover. Could you tell us more about this?


Angela and her white poodle.

Well, I’m not only a “dog lover” but I think I just love animals in general. My grandfather loved animals and his best friend was this “black German shepherd” we used to have.

Every single day grandpa would take this dog for a walk. He would let this dog licked his face. Eat from his plate. And I’ve learned all these compassion from him.

When I was a little girl, my grandmother’s friend had kittens. And I remember one time crying for it because I wanted to take one home so bad. But grandma said, “No.” I’m actually allergic to cat’s hair.

I used to have asthma when I was a little girl, I nearly died from it. And so the doctor told grandma to keep me away from cats hair.

And that’s how I began to love poodles coz they don’t shed plus they are very intelligent and very easy to coach. They think almost like humans! And since I grew up with a German shepherd, my husband wanted to have one and so I didn’t mind.

Their hair is not so fine like cats. And like the poodles, the German shepherds has the intelligence that is very easy to coach.

Grandma used to call the German shepherd “police dog” and so I’ve always wanted to have a police dog who can guard me and my family.

Do you remember a funny moment with your dog or another persons’ dog?

OMG…Kahlua, our German shepherd, was very protective. One time, I answered the UPS at the door and the guy wanted me to sign the paper for this package. Lo and behold, I was unaware the front door was ajar and Kahlua got out.

She walked towards the UPS man. And this happened pretty quickly, she was now chasing him!

While this was happening, I forgot the commands I’ve taught Kahlua. Out of panic all I said was, “Hey! Hey!” Instead of the word, “STOP.” The UPS man jumped in a truck.

Tell us a little bit about your family.


Angela McCall pictures

My dad was an electrical engineer and my mom graduated from secretarial course in college. My dad used to work abroad in Vietnam during the war. Yeah, it was crazy.

He used to tell us stories that he heard bomb explosions here and there. But he took the chance anyway despite of the condition in Vietnam.

Dad graduated as a summa cum laude in college. He was a genius. But because of being so poor then, he had a dream to come to America.

Future in the Philippines way back then was GONE. There were lots of people who were college graduates but end up jobless! And so he pursued coming to America.

There were 8 of us sibling, 5 girls and 3 boys. One brother died in his sleep and so there’s only 7 of us left. All of my family are here in United States. We have cousins still back home but they weren’t really close to us.

My dad died a few years ago and only my mom living. Mom is very sick with diabetes. She goes to dialysis 3x a week and my brother takes care of her at the moment.

I have been married for 21 years now. Me and my husband have one daughter. And I have another daughter from my previous marriage. I’m a grandmother and I have a little granddaughter name Scarlett. She’s 1 1/2 year old. She’s adorable and smart. Although she’s very demanding at times, she is a real blessing to us. We love her to death.

My little love story


Angela McCall pictures

Anyway, I met my husband in church. He was my first and last “blind date.” At the time I was living in the bay area close to Apple Computer.

I had been divorce for 2 years and was living in an apartment alone with my eldest daughter. I never thought I would remarry again but when I met my husband, it all changed direction.

At the time I was dating this young engineer whom I have never thought of marrying. I was just going to break up with him when all of a sudden my girlfriend said, “Would you like to date Jim’s brother?” (referring to my husband) Btw, Jim is the guy I know from church but we were never friends but he was a friend of my girlfriend then. My girlfriend said, “Jim wanted to set a date where you can meet his brother Tim.”

I remember it was early Spring time and I was wearing my purple flowered dress. It was kind of windy that day. I could see myself coming out of that blue car, walking towards the church, and stepping inside the building.

When I got into the lobby, I looked around. I’ve seen my girlfriend with Jim talking. But I didn’t see Tim around. And so here I was looking for someone that looked just like Jim, when all of a sudden Jim said, “This is my brother, Tim”

Looking at his brother, whoa!!! He didn’t really look anything like him. In fact, he looks better than Jim. I thought he looked like Superman! Yeah. Clean cut. Wearing a suit with his squared glasses. I was a bit nervous and so was he.

But he made me feel comfortable because he kept telling me jokes inside the church during the sermon!
And so my sister-in-law said to us, “Sssssssshhhhhhh…” but me and Tim just kept on laughing like kids.

And that’s how it started. After our first date, my girlfriend asked me, “So how’s things with you guys?” I said, “Wow, I am dating Superman!!!” hahaha…I really thought he looked like Superman. Perhaps it’s that square glasses. But I was truly in love with this man! And since then it’s history. We’ve been through ups and down, through thick and thin, but thank God we’re still together!

Could you tell us something beautiful, from the deep of your heart?

God is a big part of my life. Without Him, I won’t be here today. Without the love of God, I will be a very bitter person. Being obedient to His word is a matter of survival. My grandmother taught me how to pray at the age of seven and since then, I have never forgotten my purpose in life.

Thank you very much Angela for this wonderful interview.

Final words

Now you know her. Wife, mother, graphic designer, business entrepreneur and internet marketer Angela is a wonderful person full of life and passion. I think we all can learn something from her story. Please share your thoughts about this interview and connect with Angela at:


twitter-icongplus icon


Skype ID: angeld0ve

Business +15594926876

Site:  AngelaMcCall.com 


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  1. Wow Silviu…

    You are a true Artist. I love the way you laid the photos and the text together. Very easy on the eyes. And right to the point. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity. It is people like you, wonderful people, why my life added more meaning. All of my Internet Friends are people behind computer.

    I thank God for this wonderful opportunity. I enjoyed having you a part of my Internet life. I don’t know if you are celebrating in your end, but if you are, I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.

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    • Hi Angela,

      Thank you for the kind words. The real value comes from your personality and your life. The study of your site made me understand what I must do to create articles that say something to people and make them resonate and connect. I have started to understand. Finally. Soon everything will change. Thank you.

      Have a wonderful day

  2. Silviu, what a nice lady to interview. She is an interesting young lady with a great career.

    I liked hearing about all her interests. Just by her working for NASA had to open a lot of doors.

    I have never met anyone who worked for NASA. That is amazing.
    Michael Belk invites you to read… How inmates restored my hope in respect.My Profile

  3. Hi Silviu,

    Angela mentioned to me that you interviewed her, so I couldn’t resist reading about my “Internet” friend. Your interview is excellent and beautifully presented.

    Angela, you never cease to amaze me! The things you have done in your life. Incredible talent. I am proud to know such a beautiful young lady.
    Susan O’Dea invites you to read… Infographic Templates – Images You NeedMy Profile

  4. Hi Angela,

    So first time I heard many things apart from RT program. So how is our disco queen doing these days? I mean does she still dance? Nice to know many new things which I never knew before. Though I know Tim, Angelica, Rachel and Scarlet this time I could know that you are 8 siblings and 7 of them alive. Hope your mother get’s healed soon, its so tiresome work to go on dialysis for days, your brother doing a great job.

    I know about your ABC interview but never knew your reactions on how it went on that day. I felt you could be more a journalist cos you take lot of photo’s in your neighborhood. You can also give a review of the foods you happened to eat and photograph so that others can opt those dishes if they are good.

    I am pleased to know that you are happy with your superman for 21 years and no doubt you are going to stay together till our saviors second coming. I never knew you are married second time, but I appreciate that and your dating story just made me visualize how it would have been there in the church when you were cracking jokes with Jim’s brother. regarding your love of animals I know as I get your updates that you are about to buy an parrot but later dropped as it was fraud deal. I also see your German shepherd photos now and then.

    Angela, one thing I can say, Tim is very patient and he loves you a lot. I say this because, may be I have not met you personally but I could just know your mentality a bit from your mails, FB updates, comments and not to forget we first became friends with a small misunderstanding. Then I thought if it took me a couple of mails to clear off the misunderstanding you had, how many misunderstanding might Tim had withstood all these years. That’s why you refereed him superman na! He agrees with you for all that you say, you left RT he never spoke a word and the gifts he gives you are all most memorable once. I said this correct na, you dominate most of the times and Tim just comes your way, is it not true?. As far as I have seen you never agree with anyone but only you come to a conclusion once you get an experience over that. I say this so because when I said that if any one links our post we get a back link as a comment which we could approve and its not a spam you never did so until you yourself knew that it is a back link. I said this example because you might now say that you are not that dominant, even if you say you are not I won’t believe. conclusion of this “Tim love you more than you could imagine”

    Thanks Silviu for this wonderful interview of my wonderful friend…

    • Hi Vijesh,

      Thank you for the comment and Welcome to my site. I’m glad to meet you. You seem and intelligent and determined man. I like that. I also like you cute blog (Blog in grace) and what you do there.

      Angela is a great woman and an artist. When she has a little bit of time, she will surely give you an answer to your excellent comment.

      Have a wonderful day

    • Hey Vijesh,

      Yeah it’s nice to talk something else besides the RT program. My disco times are over, I used to do this when I was single and didn’t have the girls. Good to know you know most of my family. Yeah we were 8 sibling and one of my brother died…he was going to be a minister but it wasn’t the Lord’s will. He died reading his Bible in Iasiah. Mom is doing okay despite of dialysis 3x a week.

      It came across in my mind too that I wanted to be a journalist then but didn’t proceed it. Also another profession I wanted to do was I wanted to be a Psychologist…just because it fascinates me how our mind works.

      The thing about Tim is I was in-love with him mentally, physically, and spiritually and I still am. And when it comes to animals, my weakness is I can be impulsive at times. That’s why he told me to wait 2-weeks before purchasing the parrot, but it turned out it was one big scam. LOL

      He does, he loves me a lot. Haha…you still remember our misunderstanding huh!? LOL. Well, they said men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Tim and I sometimes do not understand each other. He could say things that would hurt my feelings and/or vice versa, I could say some things and he would interpret it wrong. When I left RT, I have spent over $1000. Wasted money. And you’re right he never said one bad thing when I quit. BUT…something terrible happened why I quit RT and I cannot say it here. Anyway, despite of…all things work together for good. I do things one day at a time…

      Thank you my dearest friend for taking the time to contribute your lovely comments. Appreciate it very much. Have a blessed weekend.

      Angela McCall invites you to read… Leave The “Stuffing” In The Turkey: Don’t Overstuff Your Email NewsletterMy Profile

  5. Wow this interview is one of the kind.

    So I come from Tim blog my dear Silviu, you left a great article over there. I know Angella, I know from the moment she start the business I think.

    So she is a designer, last week I hired a designer from DigitalPoint, the first designer scam me for $30, anyway things happen, I’m not gonna let a “pakistani muerto de hambre” ruin my upcoming project. These being said a new logo has been done, really original and awesome.

    I wonder if she could do a logo for my upcoming project, I guess she could, is a great designer after all.

    Kind regards, I. C. Daniel

    • Hi Daniel,

      Thank you for the comment and Welcome to my site. Well, the only way to find out is to ask.

      I am curious. What I.C. stands for?

      Have a wonderful weekend

      • I. C. Daniel is my name! My full name is Iftode Cristian Daniel but I use I. C. Daniel, easy to brand, spell and remember.

        Yours would be S. Constantinescu :D

        You got it buddy?

        PS: I can’t find a way to subscribe your blog, please redirect me to your feed so I can visit your blog next time you come up with updates.

        • Hi Daniel,

          Thank you for the comment and for the explanation. Now, I think you understood. Generally speaking, this blog is dedicated to the whole world. However, as I learn internet marketing in the anglo-saxon world the focus is mainly on the countries that have English as a primary or secondary language: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand but also India, R.S.A. etc. Of course, other countries are welcomed anytime. For example, there is a good relationship with Africa (which I think has very good potential) and I know many excellent bloggers from this part of the world.

          Have a wonderful day

    • Hi Daniel and Silviu,

      It’s good to see you here at Silviu’s blog.

      Yes, Silviu…Daniel & I knew each other from the past. He visited me quite a few times on my blog.

      Sorry to hear about this scam, Daniel. There are lots of them specially the crowdsourcing websites such as Fiverr. They charge so low and you might think, “Is this for real?” I mean c’mon…$5 for a logo!? *laughs* Okay. You get what you paid for. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Last month, someone tried to SCAM me selling a very CHEAP parrot for only $500 including the shipping & handling AND cage!!! Mind you, the cage itself cost $500 plus the plane ticket is about $500 from Virginia to California. Sounds too good to be TRUE and lo and behold, it is a SCAM. I reported him to the Internet Police. You can read it on my blog — SCAM: Expensive Bird.

      Yes, I can design a logo. It’s one of my favorite project. However, I do not touch logos below $500. In fact, that’s how much I charged then 21-years ago before I even got out of college and it was dirt cheap. And the reason why I am still charging that same amount (despite of the Fiverr competition and the INFLATION) is…I want to attract small businesses. But I will never design a logo for $30.

      I believe when it comes to design QUALITY is what counts most.

      The money is secondary because some companies knows what a LOGO can bring to their business. A logo is a representation of your identity such as Colgate, Apple, Pepsi, Coca-Cola…when a person sees your logo they know it is your BRAND that speaks for the company.

      Anyway Daniel, I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. Thank you for sharing your experience with us and for taking the time commenting on my friend’s blog.

      Be blessed,
      Angela McCall invites you to read… Leave The “Stuffing” In The Turkey: Don’t Overstuff Your Email NewsletterMy Profile

      • Hi Angela and Daniel,

        Speaking about scams and Fiverr. That stupid simple header for this site was made by someone from Fiverr. The price was $5, of course. The guy offered 5 revisions, no question asked and 5 days to complete the task. However, when I said: “I don’t like this version and I want something better.”, he was so upset that he refused communication.
        So I let the header in this form, the simplest of all. This does not mean that I am satisfied. When the time will come, I will change it.

        I agree. A good logo is for life or at least for a very, very long time so it must be done very carefully. This means you have to pay more. On the other hand, you cannot create a log when you don’t know exactly what your brand is and what you stand for. What is your message to the world, what is your mission, what do you have to offer to people etc. You cannot make a logo for $5 then, after 6 months change your mind and make another one and so on.

        A serious professional will never make a logo or a header or an ecover for $5. The same with articles. It is outrageous when you go on Odesk or Freeworker or other freelance sites and they ask you to do research, write the article, optimize it, make it perfect (grammar, punctuation etc.) and finally accept $1. !!!!!!!!!

        Have a wonderful day

    • here is my babble about logos if you care to read:

      How to Design a Logo?

      You can design your own logo if you like…I hope this page helps you!
      Angela McCall invites you to read… Leave The “Stuffing” In The Turkey: Don’t Overstuff Your Email NewsletterMy Profile

  6. Hi Angela,

    What a great share! It’s amazing how ABC came to YOU for that interview. Just goes to prove that if one is passionate about what they are doing, we never know who may spot us. Congratulations for that.

    I also enjoyed your videos. You are such a talented young woman! As for your graphics – it’s so good to know where to find you when I need something done. I have tried Fiverr in the past, but just tossed so many things away because it lacked originality. Whoopie…now I can come to you.

    Alas I love the way you met your husband. The perfect place…the house of God!

    You are amazing and thanks Silviu for your great interview.

    Donna Merrill invites you to read… Baby Boomer BloggersMy Profile

    • Hi Donna,

      Yes, I was really stoked. Speechless and a bit scared. LOL

      That is so sweet of you to say that. I appreciate this comment very much. Anyway, I don’t understand Fiverr either. Some people are pretty happy with the outcome such as head design, anything quick to design and doesn’t need much research. But 98% of what I hear from Fiverr are customers that are NOT satisfied. And so…If you need anything don’t be hesitant to ask me.

      Isn’t that something? Of all the places, I never thought I’d met him in church. And he happens to be the son of a preacher’s man. I knew Pastor McCall then…I always thought he was a very courteous man. Now I’m in his family. Amazing. The world is so small. :)

      Thank you so much, Donna, for contributing your lovely comments.

      Have a great week!! xoxo

      Angela McCall invites you to read… Leave The “Stuffing” In The Turkey: Don’t Overstuff Your Email NewsletterMy Profile

  7. Nice to meet you, Angela. You are one talented girl. It’s awesome that you eventually decided to follow your passion. Doing what you love and being happy with it is what really matters :-)
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  8. Hi Silviu – what a fascinating interview.

    Angela – it’s been lovely to read this post, watch the videos and get to know you a little better. You are certainly one multi-talented lady with an enormous heart!

    As Donna says, it’s a real credit to you that ABC actually approached you for that interview – just goes to show what an impact you were already making.

    Thanks to both of you for a great share :)
    Susan Neal invites you to read… How To Write Tutorial Blog Posts That Go ViralMy Profile

    • Hi Sue,

      Thank you for the comment. I am glad you like the interview. I was afraid it is a little bit too long but I thought all the information there was important. By the way, it was much, much longer. :)

      Have a wonderful evening

    • Hey Sue,

      Thank you to Silviu, what an amazing man…who gave me an opportunity to share myself.

      I’m so glad to hear you have gotten to know me better. Thank you for such a lovely and sweet comment, my friend. You are a sweetheart.

      I’m telling you…of all the people why they picked me. I was really flabbergasted. And when I heard she is this reporter from Channel 30, that even made me MORE nervous, LOL…but glad it’s over. ;)

      Thank you so much for visiting Silviu’s blog. I appreciate this very much.

      Enjoy the rest of the week!! xoxo

      Angela McCall invites you to read… Leave The “Stuffing” In The Turkey: Don’t Overstuff Your Email NewsletterMy Profile

  9. Hi Angela and Silviu,

    Awesome interview!

    Congrats on your TV interview too Angela. Such fun stuff!

    I too love animals, helping out doggies, cats and all critters around the world as I travel. Doing so softens your heart and makes you a more successful entrepreneur, online or offline.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Ryan Biddulph invites you to read… Make Money Online: 4 Reasons Why Insomnia RocksMy Profile

  10. Hi there Silviu,

    Long time no chat :). I hope you’ve been well my friend! This was a great interview. I really learned a lot about Angela. I already knew she was an awesome blogger but getting to know her on a personal level was even better :).

    Angela, you certainly have a story to tell lady. I’m very honored we’ve connected and became online girlfriends! I wish you all the success and love and happiness!

    Wishing you both a very successful December!
    Corina Ramos invites you to read… The Future Of Telecommuting JobsMy Profile

  11. Hey Angela,
    So great to hear your life story. I have known you online for a while now, and a little bit about you, but not all this detail. Great that you spent the time with Silviu and did this interview. YOu have a lot of very interesting passions!
    And nice song on the video, awesome work!
    Ashley invites you to read… Market Samurai Review – Get on page one of GoogleMy Profile

  12. Hi Silviu and Angela

    Firstly Silviu I love how you did this interview and shared the videos and asked the questions. It was wonderful to read and see the videos.

    Angela you are amazing and as some others have said so multi talented. For starters I have great admiration for anyone who can do graphics or art in general. I missed out on those Genes :-)

    It is so nice to learn about someone’s life and passions as well as their business achievements.

    Congratulations on yours so far.

    Sue Price invites you to read… How to Get What You WantMy Profile

    • Hi Sue,

      Thank you for the comment. I am glad you like the post. The layout is indeed important. At least as important as the title.

      I did my best to create a powerful and long lasting impression and I think I succeeded. For me a blog post is not just a piece of text with image, text, video and links. It is a work of art.

      Have a wonderful day

    • Hello Sue,

      Good to see you dear friend. Me too, I love the way Silviu arranged all the layouts, text, and images. You can see…he is an ARTIST himself. What a remarkable man!

      I am sure that each one of us bloggers…have a special talent of some sort. Whether this is story telling, writing, gift of gab, and so forth. I have a lot to learn from you guys…

      Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting on Silviu’s blog.

      You made me feel welcomed.

      Angela McCall invites you to read… Don’t Reinvent The WheelMy Profile

  13. Joy Healey Reply to Joy


    Thanks for giving me the chance to read about Angela. Although I’ve already “met” her through her own blog, and consider her a close online friend, I’ve learned lots more here that I didn’t know about her.

    She’s a lovely lady, and produced my blog header, which I was very pleased with.


  14. Hi Silviu,

    Wow, what a great interview with Angela. She shared some things we probably wouldn’t have learned about her any other way. Of course I’m glad we’ve had a chance to talk on the phone and email some so I felt like I knew her a little better.

    I love how open she was and I enjoyed learning about her grandparents, of course her love for animals and how she met her hubby! How fun.

    So glad she agreed to this and thank you for these questions Silviu. You did a wonderful job.

    Hope you both have a wonderful week now.

    Adrienne invites you to read… Warning: Some Backlinks Can Harm Your BlogMy Profile

    • Hi Adrienne,

      Thank you for the comment and Welcome back to my site.

      Angela is a fine lady and I am very glad she accepted that interview. When I like a person, I like and support her (him) for a long, long time. Usually, the feeling lasts the whole life.

      Have a wonderful day
      Silviu Constantinescu invites you to read… Blog Comment Ingredients: How to Add Flavor to Your Post?My Profile

    • Hi Adrienne,

      Silviu did a phenomenal interview. Some of his questions are not found in my website. He really studied my website and made sure to ask something ORIGINAL and not redundant. I really admired all of the efforts he put on this interview. He thoroughly did his homework first before asking a very “intriguing” questions. That is one of the GOOD quality of a good interviewer. :)

      Before Silviu posted this interview, I was a little worried. *laughs* I guess I’m always the person always asking myself, “Is this really alright?” I hope this doesn’t sound corny to other people. LOL. Yeah…I had that fear a little bit but glad it all turned out okay.

      …and thank you Silviu for all of your support. I am very honored that you have chosen me. Still stoked til this day. When I make a friend online, they stay with me for a looooong time. I will be that forever friend who will support a “friend” online.

      Thank you very much for taking your time to stop by here, Adrienne…and I really appreciate all of your time and effort no matter how busy you are. You’re wonderful. And you too, have a great week!!

      Angela McCall invites you to read… Don’t Reinvent The WheelMy Profile

      • Hi Angela,

        Thank you for the comment. Well, I have seen many interviews online and most of them are created according to that old and boring recipe: short, fast and easy.
        In my opinion, if you want to know a person and help other people know her (him), too, sending a few questions is not enough.

        You must do a research, document yourself about that person. You must study all the information available: sites, blogs, social accounts, About me page, posts, videos, other people’s references etc. Then you must try to understand the nature of that person.

        You cannot present a SEO specialist and a web designer or freelance writer in the same manner. A programmer and an artist are very different personalities and what is interesting to show about one type can be very boring to present about the other type.

        What matters is to try to understand the person, to grasp the essence of her (his) work and life. The rest is easier.

        Have a wonderful day

        • Hi Silviu,

          I can tell that you studied my website very well coz some of the questions you asked me cannot be found in my website. I read that a good interviewer is someone who did his homework and studied the person’s personality and asked questions that is not redundant on her page but create an interesting questions that is unique to the audience eyes. Something innovative which is what you did.

          I’d say you truly understand my nature because you are an artist yourself. I can tell you took the time because some of the questions are very intriguing which makes it hard not to respond and say yes.

          When I read your answer to Sue Neal’s post on “How Keeping a Journal Transformed My Life” how artist behaves, I was truly impress. You know exactly what your talking about. Coz that’s exactly how I am many times. Many of the successful artists and graphic designers I’ve seen on their interviews described themselves as being inconsistent, which in many ways I am that way. It’s nice to know that I’m not alone and I’m normal. Someone understood me *laughs* and no, I don’t have a specific schedule. Although I heard that many have to stick to their schedule religiously…I don’t have that specific pattern to follow. I just do it till I fall asleep in front of my computer.

          Angela McCall invites you to read… Don’t Reinvent The WheelMy Profile

          • Hi Angela,

            Thank you for the comment. The “inconsistency” you talked about is just apparent. It looks like inconsistency when compared to a common person who creates a schedule and stick to it “religiously”. That’s because this is the only chance that person has. This is not true about artists. They come and go, they change their mind but always return to what they love and do it. This “lack” of stability is totally compensated by their talent. Different people, different rules.

            Have a wonderful day

  15. Silviu and Angela,

    I kept reading about this interview. What an amazing woman you are Angela! First off, I’m listening to one of my fave songs by Patsy Cline right now. That is not an easy song, and your voice floats effortlessly over the notes. Wow.

    You have been a great friend to me, but I only knew a small part of the amazing woman you are! Your artwork is beautiful. (I like Matthew Ward also) and of course you know that I love your web designs.

    Thank you Silviu for highlighting all of Angela’s talents for us. This was a bright spot in my day. I wish you both a wonderful week.
    Karen Hoyt
    Karen Hoyt invites you to read… The Ins and Outs of LifeMy Profile

    • Hello Mrs Hoyt,

      Thank you for the comment. I am glad you like the interview. I definitely love your About Me … cat. :) Might be the smartest cat on the net.

      Have a wonderful day

    • Hi Karen,

      I am so happy to see you my friend. :) And I am so thrilled you like Patsy Cline too. Even my eldest daughter like this song too and its not even her time, she just said, “I used to hear you sing it mom and so I began to like it too. I even bought a CD of Patsy Cline.” Anyway, thank you for the compliment. You’re a sweetheart. I try to create my own version of “Crazy” and although I don’t think I sing as good as I would want to, its music brings joy to my soul.

      I’m honored for you to be my great friend too, Karen. You are just easy to like and easy to love. You are simply just amazing. I appreciate all of your beautiful and sweet words. You really made my day when you said you love my web designs! :) That means a lot to me.

      Thank you so much for commenting on Silviu’s blog. I really appreciate all of your wonderful words. I hope you have a great week my friend. xoxo

      Angela McCall invites you to read… Don’t Reinvent The WheelMy Profile

  16. Great Interview Angela. Love to know about your love and passion towards designing. I came to know about a famous personality today. Designing is never easy for me.

  17. Actually I am not managing any blog. This is my site where I offer tuition services. Thanks

    • Hi John,

      Thank you for the comment. Well, it was not about a blog or your site (which by the way, is very interesting and I am sure useful, too), but about you. You know, when you go online and start comment on other people’s blogs, you must have something prepared about you. That’s because many people want to know the person. Usually, this is done with an About Me page.

      If you do not have an About me page or something equivalent (Gplus profile, Facebook profile)etc, people will think you have something to hide. Usually, the first assumption is that person is a spammer.

      This was the reason I asked for information about you. I hope you won’t be offended.

      Have a wonderful week
      Silviu Constantinescu invites you to read… Exceptional Bloggers and their Wonderful HeartsMy Profile

  18. No thats okay mate. Its good you have asked. Thanks! I do have G+ profile as well.

  19. Hey Silviu, it’s good to be here again. :)

    Wow! A great interview of Angela. I think I’ve got a whole lot to learn from your interviewing instinct. You are such a great interviewer, bro!

    I don’t know Angela, albeit I’ve read bout this interview on Buben’s blog and I promised to read it but got caught up with a lot of blogging palavers.

    This sphere is pretty large and you got to know about several other fantastic bloggers through means such as this exclusive interview.

    I’m happy to know her and would be visiting her blog to learn from her great expertise.

    Hi Angela,

    I’m Sam Adeyinka, and I’m your new fan. Your interview here on Silvu’s blog has so motivated me and I particularly I’m thrilled with reading your success stories. More thrilled, to know you are lover of God. I love to hear folks talk well about God, which you just did.

    I have a feeling I’m gonna learn a lot from you. Less I forget, you have a happy family and that’s the principal thing, isn’t it?

    By the way, I would also love to interview you on my blog one of these days.

    Do say me hi to your husband and kids, I mean your whole family okay.


    Hey Silviu, Thanks for sharing this great interview with us. I wish you both a happy Christmas in advance!


    • Hi Sam,

      Thank you for the comment. Nice to see you here, again. Yes Angela is a wonderful woman. An interview? Why not? Try. Maybe she will accept and you will write a very nice post.

      Have a wonderful day
      Silviu Constantinescu invites you to read… Vintage Photo Prints and How to Sell Successfully on eBayMy Profile

    • Hey Sam,

      it’s good to see you. :) I’m so glad to know that you are also a believer of God. Because that is the inner fabric of my soul. Without Him I wouldn’t here today. I owe Him my life.

      We can learn from each other, Sam. It’s fun to go through the journey of evolving. Blogging is a never ending process. There are always things to learn. Every piece of nuggets shares is a JOY once you found it and make it work. Learn the knowledge, apply it in real life…equals WISDOM.

      Ah okay, that’s nice to hear that, Sam. Perhaps someday…

      Thank you, my family are doing okay. Thank you very much for stopping by to read my interview with Silviu. I wish you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

      Angela McCall invites you to read… If You Are Brand New…My Profile

  20. Hi Silviu,

    What a wonderful and in-depth interview you did of Angela. I feel like I could ask her out to lunch, as we have so many things in common – next time I’m in the Bay area, which probably won’t happen because it’s too cold there! I really admire people with artistic talent, plus she has a lot of other talents, as well. Thanks so much for sharing her story.

    All the best,
    Leslie Denning invites you to read… GKIC Info-SUMMIT Day 2 A.M.: More Dan and DaveMy Profile

    • Hello Mrs Denning,

      Thank you for the comment. Yes, Angela is a fine lady with a big heart. I am sure you will benefit a lot, if you decide to connect with her. You will also have a great time.

      I must say that I envy you for that chance you have to go to that event and watch and hear so many interesting people and great marketers. I always wanted to see Dan Kennedy in person. That series you started is awesome. I will read all the episodes. Please continue to go and share with us what you learn from there.

      Have a wonderful day

    • Hi Leslie,

      Pleased to meet you. :) Are you also an Artist? I don’t live in the bay area tho. I live in the Central California which is actually the hottest part of California. In the summer it could go up to 120 degrees here, just like in Saudi Arabia…that’s how hot it gets there. Anyway, if you are coming by Fresno, we could prolly have a cup of coffee. I know a few Cafe restaurants we could go. Perhaps go to Pardini’s Cafe…where we always held our Meet-Up for the eWomen’s Network. Anyhoo, despite of…this time of year Fresno is SUPER cold. Wish it would snow here…thank you for stopping by.

      Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

      Angela McCall invites you to read… If You Are Brand New…My Profile

  21. Hello Silviu,
    This interviewd is one of the most rich interview i have read in months. You really do know how to asked those lovely questions and she really did answer them like a boss that she is :)
    I have seen her comments on Adrienne’s blog posts but i haven’t gotten the chance to chat with her in person. Your interview just got me close :)

    Do have a blessed week ahead, both of you…
    Babanature invites you to read… Content Creation – How You Crowdsource Your EffortsMy Profile

  22. Hi Silviu,

    Now, I got to know Angela from Adrienne’s blog. I remember hooking up with her over Twitter and ended up being good friends. Right Angela? :)

    Honestly, she is in the top 10 I really appreciate this year (in terms of knowing and friendship). Also, I think she has good vibes. She seems to cheer me up whenever I see her FB updates etc.


    Haha! Thanks for sharing!
    Reginald invites you to read… 12 Comparisons To Help You Decide Between AWeber and GetResponseMy Profile

  23. Wow, Silviu. Great interview of such a lovely lady. I have seen Angela around the blogosphere but had no idea of her background. You are like an artist shining the perfect lighting to illuminate a stunning work of art.

    Angela, welcome to Silviu’s place. What a fascinating peek at the person behind what we see on the Internet. I loved you story, especially the part about how you got into graphic design. Did you ever regret not getting into Fine Arts?

    Your father’s perspective, having witnessed bombing in Vietnam and being an engineer, gave you the practical viewpoint towards life which is an important balance for an artist.

    Your work experience is interesting too. You can do so much with graphic design and it sounds as if you have! Even though you didn’t prefer cartooning, the skills you developed in creating cartoons probably helped you a lot as you progressed in your career.

    I’m a fan of animals and dogs too. I named my first dog Kahlua!

    Best wishes for much continued success in the future, Angela.
    Carolyn Nicander Mohr invites you to read… 18 Inspirational Ideas for Secret Pinterest BoardsMy Profile

    • Hi Carolyn,

      Thank you for a wonderful compliment. :)

      Not really. I’m glad I majored Commercial Art instead. It would have been tougher for me if I’ve taken Fine Arts coz you have to be really good to survive in the jungle. Unless, of course, you’re Picasso or Van Gogh then things will always be fine.

      Life was hard back then. Originally, my father wanted to be a doctor. But because of the lack of money my grandfather couldn’t afford it to send him to school. So he settled down as an Engineer. Working in Vietnam then coming to America was the biggest risk he ever done. I think the one that keptme balance the most was my grandparents who raised me from day one.

      Some of the designers said “never turn down a job” which I never have. It gave me deeper perspective of what a Graphic Designer is all about. Later on as I progressed in my work, I got more picky on what to do and not what to do. Graphic Design is a wide spectrum. Just like in Engineering, not everyone is an electrical engineer….there is mechanical engineer, computer engineer, and so forth.

      Is that right? Wow. Great minds think alike!

      Thank you so much, Carolyn. Glad you stopped by and commented on Silviu’s blog. I appreciate your wonderful contribution very much. Have a great week ahead.

      Angela McCall invites you to read… My 1st Blog AnniversaryMy Profile

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