How to Make Your First Money Online as an Affiliate

 That awesome feeling

that awesome feeling

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful to make your first money online ? Even if it is $20 dollars?

Well, it doesn’t matter if it is $20 or $7 or $50. I am talking about making your first money online.

Do you know that feeling? Have you ever lived it? Do you remember that awesome day? Do you know what happens next and how important it is?

 What happens when you make your first money online?

Let’s say you make $20. What happens immediately after that? Let’s see:

  • An instant feeling of huge relief – Finally, I have made it. I made my first money online.
  • A little electroshock – It works! Online strategies work (I now have the proof). You are hooked forever. You are a believer.
  • A super boost in confidence – I did it myself, so I can do it again.
  • A change in mindset – I can therefore I will. I am the creator of my own destiny.
  • Renewal of hope – Awesome feeling! I will finally be able to get rid of that 9-5 job once and for all.
  • A feeling of happy certitude – I will make another $20 and another and another and another.
  • I think there is no need to say more. You now understand what important is to break the ice and make your first money online. Now, how to make it and get that awesome feeling?

A super business idea

I came across I.L.N. just a few weeks ago and I was skeptical at first. However, after one week of careful study, my opinion changed. Now, I am excited and I want to tell you about this new business idea.

Internet Lifestyle Network (I.LN.) is a new company on a raising trend. It is an online business and entrepreneurial community. People are jumping on the bandwagon from everywhere. Kind of crazy thing, but I like it.

I.L.N. is a hybrid between a network marketing company and an internet marketing company and it is your key to make your first money online as an affiliate. Let’s see.

What is in it for me?

When I joined the company, I got:

  • The opportunity to make my first $20 in the next 24 hours (!!).
  • Internet marketing strategies and tactics
  • Network marketing strategies and tactics.

The Internet marketing part

The internet marketing part of the training consist in:

  • Driving traffic strategies
  • Strategies to increase engagement
  • A supportive community (the engagement factor is huge)
  • A personal blog (it is free) ready-made for you
  • A private facebook community where members engage with each other on a daily basis
  • An affiliate program: you do not need to own the company products to earn a commission
  • Leadership training from 7 and 8 figure leaders

The network marketing part

There is also a network marketing part of the training, where they teach you how to connect with people online, how to attract them and how to make them join your down line, how to close a sale etc.

If you are a network marketing guy, go and check for yourself. The strategies are very effective.

A whole week for free to make your first money

how to make your first money online

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The best part is that you can get a huge chunk of the training (the whole first level) for free.

I still can’t believe they have let me watch all those videos and I have payed nothing.

There are no risks involved as they offer you access to their courses (first level) and community for free for a whole week.

Yes, you have a whole week available to study this awesome idea and join, if you like it. That’s what I did.

There is plenty of time to see for yourself and decide. And believe me, you will have a lot of videos to see in that week.

You can also make commissions in this first week, too. They will teach you how to make your first money online in the next 24 hours. Then, in just a week, you will make enough to join permanently without even touching your wallet (!).

They are so convinced that they have the easiest and simplest system to earn income online, that they will pay anyone $100 – if they try the system for 30 days and don’t earn any money.

Final remarks

Do you want to feel that awesome feeling of making your first money online? I love it! And how about making them in a week? And how about making them in the first 24 hours?

Now, do not take my word for granted. Go and see for yourself. You have a whole week for free to study the opportunity and make a lot of beautiful things happen.

Click on the link below (affiliate link) and start earning the money you want.

How to make your first money online as an affiliate


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  1. Silviu, I absolutely love your new theme.

    The one hugely important thing that it does is make your blog posts stand out and also make them easier to read.

    I’m currently making money online from an affiliate niche website I set up and my main blog has also recently started to make affiliate sales too – in conjunction with email marketing.

    I’m going to plough on with that for now as I also just recently took an email marketing course.

    ILN sounds like an interesting prospect though and I know it will appeal to many people, particularly as they get to try things out for free before deciding.
    Tim Bonner invites you to read… 7 Blogging Mistakes To Avoid At All CostsMy Profile

    • Hi Tim,

      Thank you for the comment. Yes, this is a great part. Most people are afraid. This time is about the fear to be cheated. The fact that you have a whole week to study the idea is great for dissipating the fear. This is something many businesses should consider.

      Your main blog started to make sales. Great news! Do you remember that period when you were so upset and you asked yourself: to keep my main blog or to go only for niche sites? Now, you got your answer.

      I think you can reach success with any kind of blog as long as you offer something of value to people. I also think you are closer to success than ever.
      I can hardly wait for that moment when you will become a star. Will you remember your old friends?

      Have a wonderful day

  2. Hey Silviu
    Intriguing review my friend!
    makes me wonder what the catch is?
    What does the course cost after the first level? And what kinds of marketing are we talking here. I hope not MLM. Then I am gone!
    But I think I will pop over and take a look soon

    BTW: nice theme :>
    Ashley invites you to read… Leadpages Review: Create Amazing & High Converting Landing pagesMy Profile

    • Hi Ashley,

      Thank you for the comment. Well, if you join you have a whole week to see for yourself.
      The courses are there, next level is $95 and because it is a hybrid company you will need signups to get your commissions.

      Have a wonderful day

  3. The biggest challenge in any affiliate money program is to find the niche first that suits you. Once you have found that half of the problem is solved.

    My personal experience says that affiliate marketing is always better and more rewarding than adsense earnings. Thanks for sharing this post.
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  4. Uday Ghulaxe Reply to Uday

    Yes that feeling of the first online money is really awsome and I like the way you have mentioned here that we get a trust on online bussiness and we start beleiving on the online money .
    And that first dollar really makes some positive affect that we work hard on our strategies to make some more money.

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