Protect Your Blog from Spam with IP Deny Manager

The problem

Protect your blog from spam with IP Deny ManagerSpamming is a terrible threat for any blog and business. There is nothing worse than to open your blog just to find out dozens and dozens of spam messages each day. One mistake, one message accepted and you have a spam message on your blog. This will trigger another spam and another.

Even worse, one day you may find your blog’s name associated with spammy sites and disaster strikes. Google penalizes you, people avoid you, comments are gone and traffic becomes a memory. Your blog is dead.

How to avoid this terrible fate? How to protect your blog from spam? There are many weapons you can use to fight against this threat. Today I will talk about a simple and efficient one: IP Deny Manager.

What is IP Deny Manager?

It is a very simple and effective tool that is available inside Cpanel. It can help you get read of annoying spammers by blocking their IPs.

When you are harassed by a spammer you can take his (her) IP and use IP Deny Manager to block him from arriving at your site. But the program can do more than that.

Spammers can be very stubborn and use many IPs to attack a site. When they see an IP was blocked, they simply change it and attack again. There is no need to worry. IP Deny Manager allows you to block a whole range of IPs.

Protect your blog from spam using IP Deny Manager

Now, how to use IP Deny Manager to block a spammer? Go to your Cpanel (I use Hostgator Cpanel):


Hostgator Cpanel


Scroll down until you find the Security section:


Security section inside Cpanel


Click on the IP Deny Manager icon. You are immediately redirected to IP Deny Manager. You will get a screen that will look like the following:


IP Deny Manager


In the IP address or Domain field type the IP address you want to block.  You can block one single IP address like in the example below:

Or you can block a whole range of IP addresses like in the example below:

Collateral damage

It seems easy to use IP Deny Manager to protect your blog from spam but there is one problem with this technique and I call it collateral damage.

This happens when a friend of yours or a valuable commentator has an IP that is inside a range that you blocked. The annoying spammer is blocked but your friend becomes a collateral damage (tough word but true).

Angella McCall reported this problem after she had used IP Deny Manger. She used the program to block a whole range of IPs but in doing so she blocked her brother. Let’s see the message:


collateral damage message

Comment on How To Blacklist Spammers And Intruders by Angella McCall

Well, there is no need to worry. The problem is very simple. Look what you can do when something like this happens.

How to avoid collateral damage

You wanted to protect your blog from spam but … one of your friends is blocked. Ugly. What to do?

Find the IP address of your friend

It is absolutely necessary to find the IP address of your friend. Here is how.

Use blog comments

Did your friend make comments on your blog? If yes, find one of his (her) comments. The format of a normal comment includes: a picture, a name and an email address. Check below the email address. There you must find the IP of your friend’s site or blog.

Use “What is my IP” site

When your friend doesn’t have a blog ask him (her) to go to the following address:

From the very first moment your friend will land on that site, he will see his IP address. Here is an example:

Example 1:

Your IP:

Example 2:

Your IP:

Whitelist your friend

After your friend has found his IP address he will send it to you. Now, you must whitelist him. How?


Your friend has the following IP:

Delete the old range (00-99) that you created. Now you will make two ranges:

The first range will be:

The second range will be :

Add each sequence in the IP Deny Manager as I have shown you above. Now the IP of your friend is outside the range you blocked. You will still have the whole range blocked but your friend will be outsite that range.

Other means to protect your blog from spamm and hackers


In the following video Angella Mccall starts with the IP Deny Manager method then continues with WordFence:

How to Blacklist Spammers and Intruders

Botnet Attack Blocker

This is a more radical method but I think it is useful to know about it:

How to Protect your Site against Botnet Attacks

Final remarks

Now you know how to protect your blog from spam using IP Deny Manager. You know how to block a single IP or a range of IPs and what to do when collateral damage appears and one of your best friends is blocked. As you can see, it is not so complicate and there are many tools that can help you.

This is a simple technique and there is no need to use the tool all the time. I usually use this technique only for annoying spammers and when they get on my nerves.

Fortunately, after I bought CommentLuv Premium and created a strong anti-spam strategy, I am more relaxed. The number of spamm messages decreased enormously.

Now, all spamm messages goes automatically into my Spam folder and the only thing left for me to do is to empty that folder. One click a day and the spammers are gone with the wind.

Do you know how to protect your blog from spam? What strategies, techniques and tools do you use?

Please, help us by sharing your experience in a comment below.

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  1. I think I will agree with you on one thing Silviu: To a website owner, spammers, and “link building” services are criminals. But banning IP address isn’t the best way I feel you can eradicate this evil. Because, when you do that, you may actually lose potential readers like myself…

    What the hell are you doing with spammers?

    I’m sorry, that I have to create another blog post in your comment section. But permit me to further elaborate the reason behind my objection towards the idea of banning some IP addresses from commenting on your website.

    You must have heard of VPN (Virtual Private Network), right? It’s a software used to access the website via a private network (different from your real IP address). This software is used by a great deal of people for various purposes. Mostly, it’s used by students to access some website that have been blocked by the college. People also use the Virtual Private Network to access the internet via the office and some private organization.

    While on one hand, honest people use this great service, On the other hand, spammers seems to cherish this service… Now the moment you ban one spammer IP that uses a particular VPN, you have also banned a college student working on his school assignment… It’s a tricky game.

    Will you risk it?
    Ebenezer invites you to read… Some Secrets I Know about the Rich you probably don’t Know….My Profile

    • Hi Ebenezer,

      Thank you for the comment. It is a very interesting comment. I can see that you are irritated by something. I am an open person and I am willing to discuss this problem with you. Unfortunately, your objection is not so clear. Could you please explain me in more detail to help me see what is wrong and how can I help?

      For the moment, it is very clear for me that when I block an IP, that person won’t be able to arrive to my site. This is the only thing that happens. If there is a student who wants to write a paper and he needs information from my site and finds his IP was blocked and he cannot view my site, then he can contact me on Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks. He can ask me to whitelist his IP and give him access to my site.

      Please explain the problem in more detail because it is not clear. It is obviously that it is not a virtual IP in stake here but a real one. Also that IP must be an important one (a gateway?) and maybe this is what annoys you.
      Please explain the problem in more detail.

      Looking forward for your answer

      • Hello Silviu,

        Interesting comments makes a good blog :) I wasn’t irritated or something and I wasn’t just referring to you but to every other person interested in my comment.

        I run a social network. Recently, I introduced a plugin to help me fight spam. I made this plugin in such a way that it blocks IPs blacklisted in the watchdog database.

        You know what happened? A minute later, I could no longer access my website. Do you think it’s because my real IP was blacklisted in the watchdog database?

        2 minutes later, I disconnected my modem network and connected to a direct ISP and my website became accessible once more.

        I am not the type of guy that rest my case on one experiment, so I tried with 4 other VPN and couldn’t access my SN. But when I connect directly or use Hotspot Shield, it is accessible.

        My point is this: Some network providers like Airtel in my country uses dynamic IPs (the IP address changes every 120 seconds) and the moment you block any of this IP, you are infact blocking some Airtel users in my country from accessing your website… and same is the case with some VPNs out there.

        Nothing personal, just a comment :)
        Ebenezer invites you to read… Some Secrets I Know about the Rich you probably don’t Know….My Profile

        • Hi Ebenezer,

          Thank you for the comment. My anti-spam strategy is not based on IP Deny Manager. This is just an auxiliary tool. As I said in the article, I do not use this tool all the time. I use it rarely, occasionally and only when a spammer becomes terribly annoying. The same with blocking whole ranges of IPs.

          I strongly disagree with blocking whole domains, or blocking countries. Why punish the innocents for the wrong deeds of a few? For example, why should I block Nigeria? It would be so easy with a plugin or any other tool. But in doing so I would block wonderful people like Efoghor Joseph or Momoh Babanature Yakubu and many others. People I know, like and respect.

          Why should I block Cameroon, for example? It is easy but in doing so I will block people like Enstine Muki who is an excellent developer and business man and a warm and friendly person. There are so many people out there, in those countries, young people, valuable people who started an online career and have their dreams and aspirations.

          The only thing that I ask is that spammers let me alone and stop crowding my site. If they let me be in peace, then there is no need for drastic measures.

          I strongly disagree with procedures like this. When you block whole countries you, yourself become an island and your “people” decreases. If we block one another sooner or later the internet will be full of islands and everybody will be poor and unhappy.
          We should communicate and help each other. This means a correct and moral behavior from all parts involved.

          Have a wonderful day

  2. Hi Silviu, Great explanation of how to block spammers. I’ve been able to block them via WordFence, Stop Spammers Registration (another plugin), my WP dashboard, and my CPanel.

    I’ve never had a situation where I blocked someone else, even when I’ve entered a range. My spammers tend to come from Russia, China and the “Stans”. It’s a little like playing Whack-A-Mole but

    Staying on top of spam is important, Silviu, thanks for showing us how!
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    • Hi Carolyn,

      Thank you for the comment. WOW! You have a complex strategy to fight spam. It would be interesting to know your best tactics you use to protect your blog from spam.
      Please forgive my curiosity but … what does it mean “Stans”?

      Have a wonderful day

  3. Hi Silviu,

    This is a great post. :)

    This is a very thorough post and it will definitely help us specially if we block our friends or family…I’m going to bookmark this one. Thank you so much for the mention.

    Angela McCall invites you to read… Tutorial Video Of Friends+Me & DoShareMy Profile

    • Hi Angella,

      Thank you for the comment. I did mentioned you in the post and I also posted a link to your post, because it is one thing to explain in a static manner (with text and pictures) and it is quite another thing to explain the same thing in a video. Not only that but in your video you talked about WordFence. I think it is important for people to know about WordFence, too.
      I do hope you are not upset about this post of mine. I did everything in my power do give you proper credit and promote your content.

      Have a wonderful day

  4. Jeevan Jacob John
    Reply to Jeevan

    Blocking IP address may not entirely solve the problem, but it may help to alleviate it (Smart spammers will always find alternate methods – proxies, VPN etc).

    I think it is better not to block anyone by their IP address – we may end up losing potential customers (sure, the chances for that may be low, but it is better not to take that risk).

    I haven’t used many security plugins – Login Lockdown and Cloudflare – and it worked really well :) For my upcoming blog, I am planning to use WordFence (I have already installed it).

    Anyways, thank you for sharing the tip, Silviu :) Appreciate it!

    • Hi Jacob,

      Thank you for the comment. Alleviating the problem is better than nothing. I agree that using a security plugin is a good way to protect your blog but the plugin must be chosen carefully. I don’t know why but I don’t trust Wordfence too much. The moment you install it, you are inundated with messages of people trying to log in to your blog. It is like the whole world is trying to penetrate my small blog. I don’t think so. Did you try other plugins, other than WordFence? What were the results? Did you get the same amount of warning messages? I don’t think so. Something strange happens when you install WordFence and I don’t like it.

      Have a wonderful day

      • Jeevan Jacob John
        Reply to Jeevan

        Yeah, I have been kind of doubtful about that. You are right, it is better not to put too much trust into one plugin. Well, I have tried Login Lockdown and Cloudflare. Those were great (I am not sure how they are now; you might want to check on that). Cloud flare allows us to do the same thing; it gives an analysis on the “threats” and we can block those ip addresses :D

        • Hi Jacob,

          Thank you for the comment. You are a very interesting man. You don’t have a site or blog (at least this is what I know at this time) but you are very present in the blogosphere, make great comments and you are always warm and friendly. I like hardworking people that involve themselves and participate to the conversation. You are great. I appreciate very much your efforts and it seems that other people do the same. You are on the right path to success and I am very happy to have your comments here, on my blog.

          Have a wonderful day

          • Jeevan Jacob John

            Well, I am trying build my brand before I launch the blogs – you know, give the blog a kick-start :D

            Thank you :) Appreciate that :D And I am glad to be part of the community here :)

          • Hi Jacob,

            Thanks for the comment. Do you intend to launch a blog soon? This would be very good news. Anyway, if you do it, just let me know. I want to be the first (or among the first) who comes there and makes a comment.

            Have a wonderful weekend

          • Jeevan Jacob John

            Yeah, on New Year’s :)

            Thank you, Silviu :D Appreciate that :)

          • Hi Jacob,

            Well, better late than never. I am waiting… . I bet I am not the only one.

            Have a wonderful day

  5. Silviu,

    That process for unblocking a friend’s ip address seems a bit complicated. I have been using CommentLuv, which I love because readers can leave a comment and have an automatic link back to their latest blog post. CommentLuv provides its own spam protection and it seems to be working well.


    Dr. Erica
    Dr. Erica Goodstone invites you to read… The fragility of love
    and the complex path to loving well
    My Profile

    • Hi Dr. Erica,

      Thank you for the comment. I definitely agree with you: CommentLuv provides a powerful spam protection system. I installed CommentLuv Premium and I am delighted to see how many anti-spam functions it has. Especially the AntiBacklinker plugin is very effective. However, I will never rely only on CommentLuv to protect my blog. Spamming is extremely aggressive these days and you need a complex and powerful system. You must use all you have to protect yourself and never leave anything behind. WordPress is fragile and you need to take special security measures to avoid penetration. IP Deny Manager is just one tool in the arsenal. I don’t think it is complicate and it really helps in some instances (when you are harassed by a very annoying spammer).

      Have a wonderful day

  6. Informative post Silviu. It’s nice to know there are options but this sounds a bit to techie for me – plus I’m a bit concerned about the collateral damage issue. I monitor all of the comments for both of my blogs and fortunately there are never more than a few of those annoying spam messages a day. I hear there are some people who get dozens a day so I count myself lucky.
    marquita herald invites you to read… Could You Be Standing in Your Own Way?My Profile

    • Hi Mrs Herald,

      Thank you for the comment. Yes, I am aware that my examples may sound a little bit too techie for some people. However, I think it is good for people to know there is this tool, too. They need to know about as many anti-spam tools as possible. Then it is their turn to decide what to use and what not. You can try different tools and see the results.
      I think you need to create a strategy, in fact a kind of integrate system to protect your blog from spam. Spammers are very aggressive today and sometimes you need to take powerful measures. I was spammed with dozens and dozens of messages every day.

  7. Hi Silviu,

    Interesting and thanks for sharing. I saw that on my cPanel sometime back but yet to really try it. Hmm even though I totally understand and see the effectiveness of this, this could easily be an issue too. Why?

    In my country, we have dynamic IP. Hmm! Just sharing my 2 cents and great tip indeed mate.

    Have a great weekend!
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    • Hi Reginald,

      Thanks for the comment. Yes, this little program, available from Cpanel seems to be controversial. I am still wondering why. On the one hand it seems a tool that can help you avoid a very annoying spammer. On the other hand, many people tell me that it is no big deal because the spammers use dynamic IPs and change them every time. If so, I do not understand the reactions.
      If this tools is inefficient, then the only thing we can do is to smile when reading this post.

      Anyway, I think we must research, find and use any tool that can help us fight against spam. We should try those tools, choose the most effective ones and create a system to protect our sites. This IP Deny Manager is just an auxiliary weapon.

      It seems this is an interesting topic so I decided to document myself, and apply more anti-spam techniques. This will result in more posts and larger materials that will be published later.

      Thank you again for your reply.

      Have a wonderful day

  8. Hello,

    The tools seems really awesome, i like it’s features. I think i’ve seen it at my cpanel but never tried it.

    thanks for the detailed post.

    • Hi Tushar,

      Namaste. Thank you for the comment and Welcome to my site. IP Deny Manager is a good tool but just a part of the anti-spam kit. Spamming is more and more aggressive these days and you need to research, identify effective tools and create a system to protect your blog. IP Deny Manager is just a weapon in your arsenal.

      Have a wonderful weekend

  9. Rachel Lavern Reply to Rachel

    This a a timely post for me. Although I have CommentLuv Plus, and it had been doing a great job, I suddenly began receiving a lot spam over the last week. I am going to explore other options that you have suggested, especially IP Deny Manager.

    • Hello Mrs Lavern,

      Thank you for the comment. Well, it depends on the settings you configured inside CommentLuv and the plug ins you installed. For example, Do you use Antibacklinker? Combined with CommentLuv and Gasp it significantly increases your site’s protection.

      Have a wonderful day

  10. Hi Silviu,

    I use CommentLuv (not premium) and GASP, as well as another plugin (I don’t remember the name) which requires my moderating the first post of someone.

    Maybe I need to do what Marquita is doing, and moderate every comment, no matter how many times the person has commented before. I don’t like commenting on a blog and having EVERY comment moderated, but maybe that is the better way to go.

    Willena Flewelling invites you to read… It’s NaNoWriMo Time!My Profile

    • Hello Mrs Flewelling,

      Thank you for the comment. The free version of CommentLuv and GASP is not enough. You should install CommentLuv Premium. It is more powerful and has a lot of settings you can configure there. Even more, if you install ComemntLuv Premium, unlimited version, you will get AntiBacklinker plugin. This combination of plugins will definitely improve your site’s protection and the spamming problem will disappear. At least, this is what happened to me.

      Have a wonderful day

  11. Hi Silviu,

    I am in cPanel at least a dozen times a day, handling the administration of client hosting and email accounts. It never occurred to me to block IPs of spammers that way, instead of with a plugin.

    - Cole
    Cole Wiebe invites you to read… Do We Need Social Media if We’re Creating Regular Content on Our Website?My Profile

    • Hi Cole,

      Thank you for the comment. Well, the same thing can be done in many ways. Some are good, some are bad. The best way is to test it to see how it works. Time will tell you the truth about each method’s efficiency.
      By the way, I tried to make comments on your site two times. The first time it was rejected. The second time .. I don’t remember the result. I will try to make another comment. Let’s hope this time it will be accepted.

      Have a wonderful day

  12. Hi Silviu

    I use WordFence and Cloudflare as my strategy for blocking spammers.

    I’ve had quite a few brute force attacks over the last few months though and it’s become impossible to deny that many IP addresses.

    I used to use the IP deny manager and WordFence simaltaneously. The theory being that if I ever delete WordFence the protection would remain in place.

    Since I was subject to the brute force attacks, I generally don’t deny IP addresses any more. I just have to trust that WordFence and CloudFlare are working!
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    • Hi Tim,

      Thank you for the comment. Well, I don’t know the theory. It would be nice to know the link between IP Deny Manager and WordFence. Apart from Wordfence and CloudFare do you use other security plugins? Do you use, for example, Antibacklinker?

      Have a wonderful evening

      • Hi Silviu

        I use CommentLuv Premium so I use GASP but apart from that I don’t use any other security plugins, no.

        I’m not sure what the link is between IP Deny Manager and WordFence to be honest.

        The IP Deny Manager adds all the IP address you deny to your .htaccess file but I don’t think WordFence does.
        Tim Bonner invites you to read… Trademarks: Do You Check Your Keywords?My Profile

        • Hi Tim,

          Thank you for the comment. Andy Bailey offers the AntiBacklinker plugin (for free) to all those who buy CommentLuv Premium. It seems that you don’t use it. Why? It is a powerful plugin that helped me kill most of my spam messages. You should check it to see how it works.

          Have a wonderful week

          • Hi Silviu

            Apologies, a misunderstanding! I do use AntiBacklinker too.

            I just think of it as part of CommentLuv as it will be eventually.
            Tim Bonner invites you to read… Grammatical Errors: The Devil’s In The DetailMy Profile

          • Hi Tim,

            Thank you for the comment. How much of the Antibacklinker potential do you use? With this simple plugin I created, for example, a radical filter that allowed me to get rid of all the spam messages. It is kind of tough but effective. I don’t want to talk about this here, in the comment section. If you want to know what I did, just tell me. I will send you an email at the address you provide.

            Have a wonderful day

  13. Hi Silviu,

    This is great, but just a bit time consuming. Lately I was bombarded by spam comments but I didn’t have the time to go in and block them all.
    However, I have to admit that I don’t really know how it’s done; it may take less time than I think.

    I would have to check to make sure.
    Sylviane Nuccio invites you to read… My Sales Copywriting Secrets RevealedMy Profile

    • Hi Sylviane,

      Thank you for the comment. No, I don’t think it is a good idea to use IP Deny Manager to block all of your spammers. This is an auziliarey too in Cpanel and you should use it only in special cases: when you are harassed by a very annoying spammer. So it is targeted to individual spammers and not for mass spamming. When a single spammer attacks your blog, you will block some of his IPs indivudually and monitor what happens. In most cases the spammer will change the IP and attack again. After a few attacks you will be able to identify the range of IPs the spammer uses. Then you can block the whole range and get rid of that attacker.
      Obviously, this simple tool is not enough and you need a combined strategy that includes: plugins, Cpanel techniques and a restrictive comment policy. I will write a book about anti-spam strategies soon.
      Now, I know you are an artist and you don’t like the technical stuff. In this case you may outsource your blog protection and that’s all.

      Have a wonderful week

  14. I believe it is wise to use IP Deny Manger sparingly and in moderation. I have read other posts about it and the author seemed to be adding all kinds of IP blocks maybe not realizing what it does totally.

    It does a decent job at blocking the persistent annoying spammers though.

    What the Cpanel IP Deny Manager does when you add one or a range is it automatically writes to your sites .htaccess file. You can do this manually as well without using Cpanel by simply adding/editing the file yourself. It will add lines in .htaccess that look like:
    deny from ip address 1
    deny from ip address 2

    Now if you add a lot of them like some people have been doing is your .htaccess file will increase in size, which can potentially slow your site down an/or cause problems. One of the first files that is read when someone visits your site is the .htaccess file is checked to see what rules or restrictions are in place. Not a problem for most sites if the file is small, but you really don’t want or need a 2+ MB .htaccess file if you don’t have to.

    Anyway I do block a few IP addresses from time to time, and the IP Manager does make it easier than the manual route. I do go back and remove some of the blocks that I don’t think are needed at a later time too.
    Ray invites you to read… Technology Your Generation And BeyondMy Profile

    • Hello Mr. LeSarge,

      Thank you for the comment and Welcome to my blog.

      I want to say that I am really impressed by your site (DialMe). Two years and a half of work and more than 160 posts. WOW!

      It is obviously you are not interested in the visual appearance and the word “visual marketing” doesn’t mean anything to you. You created an image of a techie guy who works all day long (or all night long) with a barrel of coffee at hand, writing code, creating content, promoting products: an expert.

      Well, if you wanted to present the image of an expert, you succeeded and you are credible. I will return to your site and read your posts to see what I can learn from you. I like experts and dislike authorities (influencers).

      About IP Deny Manager

      You are right. I am well aware about the .htaccess file and the necessity to keep it small. This is why I use this tool (IP Deny Manger) rarely and only when I am attacked by a very annoying spammer.

      After I bought CommentLuv Premium, I started to create a strategy to block spammers. It is kind of radical but effective and I use a combination of plugins and blog commenting policy. In order to avoid any problem I do not speak about it publicly.

      I am well aware that when you try to educate people about your comment and spam policy, you will also educate spammers an teach them how to bypass your filters. That is why I consciously chose not to disclose any information about what I am doing to protect my blog from spam. It is ugly, it is impolite (for some people) but is more effective.

      Have a fruitful day

  15. Hi Silviu,

    I use and love IP deny manager. And I use the limit login attempts plugin to notify me through email of login attempts along with their IP address, then I go to IP deny manager and add that IP to lockout.

    I’ve never tried adding a range of IP’s that seems a little dangerous to me. I just take the time to do them as I get notified. It’s an awesome tool to use. And of course CommentLuv premium helps too :-)

    Thanks Silviu.

    Liz McGee invites you to read… Tips For Engaging Your Audience Through Social Media That Work Like CrazyMy Profile

    • Hi Ms Liz,

      Thank you for the comment. IP Deny Manager is a nice tool that can be a part of any anti-spam protection system. Yes, using ranges is a delicate problem as I have already explained in the post. However, sometimes it may be necessary. Anyway it is good to know that such an option exists. Just in case.

      Have a wonderful week

  16. Wow Silviu, I never knew about IP Deny Manager. I had one severe attack years ago, but it irritated the heck out of me.

    The spammer was placing keyword links in my content and the content format was misaligned.

    I did not know what to do. I wish I had known how to get rid of this attack and the sad part was Google webmaster thought my blog was running fine.

    They did not detect any problems. I am more careful now.
    Michael Belk invites you to read… How to shine on a dull job hunt.My Profile

    • Hi Michael,

      IP Deny Manager is just an auxiliary tool. You can use it with very annoying spammers to block them individually. You can block a whole range but it is risky. Do it only in case of emergency.

      Anti-spam means to set up a system that includes: CommentLuv, GASP, AntiBacklinker, IP Deny Manager and a carefully designed blog commenting policy. I am in the process of writing an ebook about blog comments and there I will try to design a comment policy that will help people protect from junk comments, junk commentators and spammers.It will be offered here, on my site for free.

      Have a wonderful day

  17. This is interesting, Silviu.

    I use Hostgator, but never knew I could protect myself from specific spammers using the c-panel.

    Spam is really creepy and annoying, so I think a good number or us just ignore it and hope it goes away. Unfortunately, we have to devote a portion of our blogging time to blog management, and this article shows us some good ways to deal with a really important part of that.
    David Merrill 101 invites you to read… Sales Funnel Part 3 | OTO ProductsMy Profile

    • Hi David,

      Thank you for the comment. IP Deny manager is just a tool and I daresay it is auxiliary. One single tool is never enough. What is important is to create a system, a combination of tools, strategies and rules to deal with spam. I use a combination of CommentLuv Premium, Antibacklink, Botnet attack blocker, IP Deny manager and a strict comment policy on the blog. As a result, the spam is now zero.
      In time the protection system will develop and become more powerful and more refined so there is no need to give up comments just for fear of being spammed (many people support this strange point of view). You may be spammed 10 times worse on social media.

      Have a wonderful day

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