Rockmelt Rocks Among the Best Content Curation Tools

content curation toolsWhat is Rockmelt?

Rockmelt is a service, one of the best content curation tools on the internet.  It searches for quality content on the Web and provides the results in a beautiful visual way.

It also allows you to share that content on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Googleplus, Pinterest or LinkedIin. It’s free, its easy and it’s visually attractive. What’s even better is that Rockmelt works on mobiles, too.


Why should I use Rockmelt?

  • Rockmelt is an excellent curation tool. It helps you find quality content and makes it easy for you to handle that content
  • It allows sharing the content from inside the service to the most important social networks
  • It is extremely visual so it is easy to use and gives pleasure to the user
  • It is more powerful than other content curation tools: it searches content on many reputable internet places such as Forbes, CNN, BBC, Reuters and many other huge sites
  • Works with mobiles
  • Allows you to express your feelings about the content: you can evaluate the content and mark it with: like, lol, want etc., pretty much like in a social network
  • Organizes the content for you using categories and tabs like My content, Top content or Top sources (of information)
  • It is free.


 How to use Rockmelt

The first thing you need to do is go to There you will see the following screen:


sign up with email


Now there are two possibilities. You can sign up with your email address or with social media buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Googleplus). For the sake of this article I decided to sign up with my email address.

You need to put your username, email and password, upload a photo of yours and click Get started. After you sign up you will see a screen like the following:


after sign up

 What can you do now?

On the top left corner there is a menu. Click Home. Now you are taken to a screen where you can easily see a list with a lot of categories you can follow.


all categories


If you click on the image of a category, you will see a checkmark and the button Done will become  available (bottom right). This means you are now following a category.

Click Done.

Now you can begin working with the program. Hover the mouse over the word Home and then click Business in the list that shows up. Now the screen is filled with pictures very similar to the pins in Pinterest.



Choose an image you like or sparks some interest in you:


business image


Hover the mouse over the image. You have now two possibilities:

  • Share the image (click on the Share button)
  • Click on the image to see more.

Click on the image. Now, a new window is opened with the beginning of a blog post inside:


blog post beginning
On the right hand side you will see some coloured buttons that will allow you to express your emotions: like, lol, want, aww, wtf etc. On the top left corner you will see social buttons: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest.

 What can you do now?

  • Click on the title and read the whole post (or watch the video)
  • Express your feelings
  • Make a comment
  • Share the post
  • Close the window (X on the top right corner).

And so on… .

What else can you do?

You may click Explore and change the category you want to explore. On each screen you have the possibility to check the Top content or the Top sources tabs.


top content and sources


Let’s click on Top sources. Now we are taken to a very different screen where you can see all the sources of information (blogs, sites):


top sources


Let’s see a source:


source image

The anatomy of a source

On the left of the source (actually the respective rectangle) there is a suggestive picture, then you have a title (in bold); below the title there is a description and below the description there is the category (on the left) and the Follow button (on the right).

What can you do now?

Inside the source, click on the title (bold text). You are now taken to a screen where you can see the content of a site organized like a series of pins in Pinterest. You can click on a picture, read the respective blog post, express your feelings or share the post.




What else can you do?

You can click on Friends and find friends on other social networks or you can invite other friends on Rockmelt. The free version allows you to invite 5 friends.

invite friends








Final remarks

That’s about all. Enough information for one blog post. Go to, try Rockmelt and share your experience with us. How many stars would you give to the service? Check it and tell us if you agree with me when I say this is one of the best content curation tools available at the moment.

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  1. I’ve never heard of this service Silviu but it sounds promising.

    I will admit that whenever I’m searching for something I normally just use the search engines and for the most part I find what I’m searching for. There is always room for improvement though so thanks for bring this site to my attention.

    Enjoy your weekend.

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    • Hi Adrienne,

      Thank you for your comment. The world is changing. This software seems to me like a hybrid between a search engine and a social network. Must be the new trend.

      Have a nice day